Have You Ever Considered Why YOU are Here?

Despite all the time used up living, the fraction of time people spend contemplating their reason for being is minuscule compared to the time spent doing mundane activities. Stuff like studying for exams, eating, making money, chattering, gossiping, watching television, going out on the town and sleeping. Surely something of such fundamental importance as why you were created deserves much more attention than it gets!

Those of us who are set on evolving into much more than being one of the “sheeple” which blindly follow a crowd that doesn’t take stock of where it is heading, focus on what’s certain. There is a way you would like to live and a way you would prefer to live it. What is it about the life you lead that you know must be changed to be true to who you believe you are and how is it you need to behave in order to bring about the change that will get you there? What must you absolutely be doing now in order to coincide with becoming who you want to be?

Have you asked your self yet, why you are here in this reality? This reality of illusions! The reality that most do not imagine being somewhat in their control by virtue of their dis-intent . . . A reality created by a “rein-less” mind that allows it to be without clear direction. Being made in G-d’s image has its benefits for sure; but, you’ve got to know how to use the gift.

What draws your attention? What do you like to do? How can you make good money doing it? If there is something you would like to be, what is that? Can you see the possibility that within the next 10 years you could be exactly that? Are you ready to make that happen?

I am not really sure 100% why I am here and I suppose that no one can know to that degree. Yet, I am on to what motivates me. What hobbies I enjoy and which activities I want to keep doing. Translating them into money-making ventures magnifies the fun. When a big part of your regular life is what you enjoy most and it finds its way into what you do for work, you gain access into a world only the very fortunate experience. Couple that with your reason for being, whatever that may be, you’ll be living with happiness and fulfillment. No doubt a happy camper and anyone camping with you will be warmed by your bonfire!

So, here I am for the moment, writing this insightful piece to inspire others like me to “find themselves” and be fruitful and multiply. To be on this earth and conquer the inclination to be plain. Better to express the uniqueness of YOU and be prosperous in the process than to be “lost in the sauce” and earning minimum wage without any vibrancy of being. That’s what I strive to do for my self and it is why I am here for you. To lead by example and reveal some of what I have come to learn and am in the process of learning.

For instance, as I have mentioned in my earlier writing, I owe a lot of this blogging drive to my participating in a fantastic online marketing experience. This experience has opened my eyes to see that I was indeed in an bummer of a lifestyle “tunnel” – because now I perceive better light at its end and it’s brightening “the wall” for me to notice the writing. “Redeemed” so to speak from a life of senseless jobbing. What I do has a purpose . . . do it well. The pursuit of happiness is instead an acceptance of abundance and fruiting new achievement. While your “awakening” may be different, it’s good to be awake.

Have you heard about vortex creation? You’ve got to check this out! Fasten your seat belt!!

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