What is Consciousness?

I find myself at times looking through eyes or otherwise sensory perceiving through body parts that I’m not sure are “me”, an experience that seems somewhat peripheral to who I am … who or what I was made to be, came to be, am to be. Too deep to put into words … at least by me 😀 . But the point is, what if my experience of life is just an imagination? Images built by thought into a “nation” of “perceived reality”, that really is only a dream that can change at the whim of the next thought!  If “made in Gd’s ‘image'”, what chance do we have of continuing to exist if “It” decides to “think” otherwise? … Is our experience of Life based purely on what “Its” imagination is? Yikes! Whoa Nelly!!

Personally, coming from who I know myself to be, I believe that as extensions of the primordial and eternal “Source/God” energy that created what we know as reality – we contribute to the whole, individualized portions of the same for continuous, eternal expansion. Can you agree? Why did Einstein state that, “the most important decision that we make is whether to believe we live in a hostile or friendly universe”?

I can tell you from my experience with Psilocybin mushrooms back in my college years, that such a decision is extremely important before setting out on an adventure into the unknown … It can make or break the final outcome … and the right environment for “being” is crucial to all manners of success. The wrong one only causes too much resistance to allowing a focus with clarity on what is good. As a disclaimer, “magic mushrooms” are illegal and categorized as a Schedule I controlled substance in the United States, though recently, the FDA and DEA have allowed some small, highly controlled human studies on their potential for use in medical and psychiatric settings.

But my greatest interest comes in learning how to alter my reality … to how I want it to be. This excites me! To have the power in my “mind” to think thoughts that serve me well and set up an attraction to whatever it is that I want. Can you feel it … how exciting that notion is? Our thoughts are the most dynamically fluid vibrations of energy substance in the entire Universe! While separate and independent of our physical universe, they interact with our physical universe. Any thought repeated over and over and over again in your conscious mind will make an imprint in your subconscious mind … and just as a tuning fork, it then begins vibrating and attracts to you the people, circumstances, events and synchronizes them all to match the images you hold within. Amazing!

Here’s some more wisdom for every day:

All in all, we are the bearers of the key to our future. By taking charge of our “present” we prepare the way we are to be “gifted”.  Create the reality you really want … Think … You will be that you will be!

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