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I Am A Human Being

There comes a time in most everyone’s lives where the question about the meaning of life is asked. How is it that I fit into the mix . . . Who am I . . . Why am I . . . Do I have a purpose . . . a raison d’etre?

If indeed there is a “mission” or a purpose for which one exists, that needs to or should be completed, before moving on to the next “stage” or realm of being, how does one find out what it is?

Is there a Divine accounting of the days one lives . . . the quality of life experienced within those days to be reviewed by the Supernal Judge and Its Court  . . . before the passage to the “Gate to Heaven” is revealed . . . or not?

What if as extensions of “The Divine Source of Creation and Ultimate Unconditional Love”, possessing that same energy potential as a result of this extension, we can “re-create” our realities? Real recreation!

What if we are what effectually expands The Universe simply because we are consciousness vibrating at the cutting edge of this physical and emotional life experience? Surely if we are extensions of “The Source’s”creative power . . . with a specialized ability to affect our worlds. Do you agree? A spiritual entity thriving in a physical, human experience . . . in G-d’s image. 

In realizing what is wanted by experiencing what is not, the unconditional love of The Source of the Universe enlarges us by ensuring we are entitled to receive that which we feel we’d be better off with in the “having” of it. A “gift” to the soul, which is Its extension, and is actually the greater portion of our “being” than that represented by our physical bodies. To manifest the gift though, one has to maintain the conscious state of mind whose vibration is in tune with that of the newly expanded Divine “Inner Self” . . . and this continuously allows for perfect unfolding of experience throughout physical life. The art of being consciousness in the physical world!

If this above is so, what task remains that must be done while we still have the chance to enjoy this physical rendition of life in which to perform it? Be positive, be happy, and be grateful. Appreciation is the gateway to increasing abundance.

This blog discloses, somewhat, the unfolding of an journey through some of my experience. An intentional development of deeper meaning, great abundance and luscious fulfillment in life with the expectation of encouraging delicious spiritual becoming in other human physical beings like me.

I hope it works!


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