Hapisga of Vacation Time – Zimmer Israel!

Fortunately for me, I live in a Zimmer area where it feels like I am on vacation at some point each and every day. My present occupation is as a road repair safety inspector in a company that operates for “Israel Roadways”, otherwise known as “Netivei Yisrael”. As such, given that my work hours are a total of seven nightly, I am free during the daytime hours to do as I please. Albeit, getting some sleep is a part of that daytime period. But what I have found is that I can function quite well with six hours of sleep … After which I have the rest of the day free for “re-creation and play”.

It’s been like this for about two years. I feel lucky. Maybe it’s all a mere illusion. But after slaving for another company during the daytime, for eight to nine hours a stint, then return home with an eye for a good nights sleep, I felt I had no time for any extraneous activities. At least now I do.

But obviously, not everyone has it “good” like this. Many of you are in the same exact situation I used to be … Work hard all day hoping to rest at night. It’s no wonder we’ve become familiar with longing for vacation time off! It’s just natural under the circumstances.

But at least in the United States and some other Christian countries, people get a full weekend to recuperate (as if that’s what most do, LOL), meaning Saturday and Sunday as days off from work. Here where I am, we only get Saturday! Six days we work and on the seventh (Saturday by us …) we rest. So you would think that two “rest days” should enable a strengthening of the “spirit” to have sufficient energy to work the five days remaining in the week.

It must be psychological how no matter how much we “rest”, it usually doesn’t seem like enough. Hah! Fooled you!! Because in truth, nobody really “rests” on those days!!! They become excuses to party and “let loose” … To feel the freedom from bondage to a “Just Over Broke”. Who doesn’t love freedom? And, if you don’t, maybe it’s because you’re unsure how to express fulfilling “your” dream self and not that of your bosses efforts at his or hers.

In any case, what I have found is that in my spare time, I can exercise my creative skills in all sorts of projects, including writing blog posts like this one. This helps me in my spare time to follow my inner calls to “being” and at least feel like I’m doing something that reflects my passions. So, there doesn’t exist within me a sense of living someone else’s dream and fulfilling their aspiration.

Recently, a friend of mine in the community I live in, who owns a very nice Villa for vacation rental, asked me if I could help him attract more “Anglos” (English speakers) to vacation at our village. It happens that we live in an area close to two “Holy” cities and really fun things to do. Take a look at this video and tell me if here, is worth a visit!

People the world over have unfortunately been reduced to “unconscious sheep”, where the unbeknownst to them the reaction they have is to conform to the way society trains them. Too often, we surrender what it is that we would prefer to do in favor of what someone else thinks is better for us to do … And we capitulate to their wishes in lieu of our own. That’s just wrong! Do you agree?

But that’s exactly what we do every day when we go to a j.o.b.! Was it your idea to create that company? That circle of comrades you spend all day with while striving for the ambitious goal of the company’s success? I don’t think so … and you know better.

Anyway, I mentioned that it was one of my initial dreams to run a “Bed and Breakfast” on my property for tourists to occasion when visiting our land. However, it apparently wasn’t meant to be that way. But now, through grace from “above”, I have a hand in the hospitality service by working with him. This video reveals the villa available for rental:

What I have come to realize is that sometimes, maybe most if not all of the time, you cannot run away from your problems. At some point, you have to face them! Running away from them only creates a situation where they can then pursue you. At first, they just met you … Now they chase you. Why? Because you have a lesson to learn! Without facing them and nullifying their “threat”, they will always be present. You have to imperil their existence.

Well, if the problem is exhaustion from overworking, you need to take a break. That means, no wild partying late nights ’til the wee hours of the morning when you should be re-charging your psycho-physical body-mind with the things that will make you stronger and more prepared to return to the work week. You don’t want to be “weakened” by your weekend!

As I mentioned before, I have the fortune of having spare time throughout my day that gives me a sense of being on vacation even though I am officially not. In fact, because of this, I don’t even take vacations! Check out his next video which shows a bit about the attractions available in my area and my favorite fun thing to do with extended time off:

Everyone needs to have time off from “the grind” and truly fulfill the need to regain “self” … A sense of being oneself in a manner that is true to their desire for being. To be one with what makes them happy and provides a sense of wholesome discovery and not sterile “robot-ing” for the cause of a foreign entity. Do you feel true to your self in all that you do? Are you in line with your thinking? What is it that you would really want to be doing now by your own volition if there was absolutely nothing at all preventing you?

In all honesty, the way we have been conditioned in this society is to be “servants in the disguise of free men”. We’re all part of a “matrix” which holds us in its web. Even those who took the “red” pill! But their part is the one which is comprised of seeking the “light” at the end of the “tunnel”. Not like those who are content with the blue pill that leaves them sedated and care-free in the “dark”. The red pill bespeaks freedom … A breakaway from the “mind of the confined” to the one which sees … The one whose eyes have been opened to see and not merely look at what is before them. Eyes which perceive the divinity in being purely aware of the spiritual “dance” within the sensual physicality of experience in this world. We are extensions of “Source”. It is our mission to expand on all that has come before us, in a manner that suits our origin. That’s our part in the matrix!

So how can one go about that? Well, by taking advantage of vacation time in a meaningful way. To enjoy a vacation with the purpose of re-charging your “battery” with “soulful” energy. In saying this, I’m referring to that which at its best, is true “food for the soul” … That when you are done with it, you have the strength and wherewithal to do your j.o.b. better than before and maybe even find yourself a new niche in it!

“Food for the soul”? Well, maybe this is a difficult idea to define and explain in words. Perhaps you know what I mean already. But, in essence, the idea that as extended portions of the “energy that creates worlds”, inherent within us is the ability to “re-create” the so-called “reality” that is experienced. It is understood that we can do this by the power of thought properly put to use. The way we think determines the outcome of our experience. It pays us well to think positive and be positive for, in the end, the experience had been sensed as positive. The flip side is true too! Activities which provide a sense of fulfillment regarding the spiritual side of our being are those that nourish good feelings and genuine happiness. Not those which cloud our thinking ability and leave us feeling drained, exhausted, and without the strength to return to everyday life.

This is the essential reason I have made one of my activities, the proclamation of another opportunity to take your vacation time to the highest level … To the level where a vacationer not only has the chance to get away from “the daily grind”, but to also find that during that very same time s/he is “fed” wisdom, understanding, and the knowledge pertaining to who we really are beyond the bodies we are contained in. To the extent that by the time the vacation is over, participants are not only uplifted by the fun things done but also refreshed spiritually to the extent that their “being” is true to our fundamental nature. That way, going back to normal life is in effect moving from strength to strength.

As an American and as a member of the Holy Nation of G-d, I feel it is my duty to help progress forward and instill inward to be projected outward, the concepts of true freedom to everyone who shows interest in knowing. Though my circle of influence is relatively small compared to the number of people who need this information, it is nonetheless a starting point for dissemination that may eventually come to ripple to others. I not sure how it is that I myself personally came to wake up and be aware that our societies are made up of hypnotized “sheeple”. But, be that as it has happened, my desire is to share what I think I know and help turn “sheeple” back to people.


Which have you chosen? You will not be shunned! No one needs to feel “wrong” about their choice. Free will is an intrinsic part of the human experience. Every soul gets to choose how it is it wants to live its opportunity to play as a physical being. There is no way to do it wrong … And we’ll always have the power to decide how we feel about what we experience. It’s all part of the expansion of universal consciousness’ “reality”.

So, my reality or at least this part of it is, that you may be one who is prepared to experience an adventure unlike any that you may have experienced before. If I am right, a perfect adventure waiting for you to happen! All you have to do for this to happen is to decide that you can have fun doing this and afford it. When you tell us you’re ready, I’ll do my part to “get the motor running and prepare the highway”, so to speak. Again, if by chance you do happen to be someone who is prepared for an adventure in the “Holy Land”, without the “baggage” of bias and warped thinking with regard to the “Land of Israel”, then consider when would be the best time for you to make a visit.

As you now know, there are really good times to be on vacation here, and times when the vacation could be considerably more expensive. I can’t tell you what the differences in cost can or will actually be, but the video should have given you a reason to believe why the months of May and November are considered the best. Of course, you are not limited by when to come here by any means other than you. Just take into consideration that Achuzat Keramim, the Villa I am associated with, is in high demand. If you want to experience what I have proposed herein to be your experience, then you will need to take action and book your reservation ASAP to ensure your acceptance during the time you most desire. Of this, I have no control. I can, however, be available to you for the enhancement of the fun you’ll have once you get here. So do that!

If you have never been to Israel before, here are some things you should know:

If you elect to sign up for the VIP package, we can pick you up at the airport (and return you at the appropriate time of course) and arrange for you to have an energizing and nutritious breakfast during each of the days of your stay. But you may also want to have access to a vehicle “of your own” for occasional ramblings around. If so, consider this:

So, here’s your opportunity to get a close-up view of, and experience Israeli culture with a “landsman”, while entertaining your soul with nourishment that can provide it strength to continue to “tackle” the intricacies of living this life in whatever native world you find yourself going back to. Reality doesn’t have to be something you escape from. It can be what you draw towards yourself in an act of creating your reality! Control it!!

Should you be ready, give us a call.


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