Leave The Matrix

Are you one of the few people who “are aware” of who you are? Are you on your way to achieving your full potential? Are you sure? We’re spirit beings in human guise, right?

I think it turns out that very few people are truly correct in answering yes. I’m not in a position to say whether or not you are positively affirming correctly, but let’s assume for the sake of merit that you are. That makes you very lucky! Because the influences of our environment and society at large are working subconsciously against the expression of your “true self”. While quite a long, multifaceted video, the following will give you great insight as to the “programing” we are being subjected to in order for “the powers that be” to maintain a good level of control.

As you can now understand if you watched the video, we’re quietly under assault from many varied directions. It appears the “elite” will do anything they can in a matrix of control to ensure their successful takeover of our minds to become slaves to their desires and consume what they want us to.

But, we must remember one thing, the most important thing to ever keep engraved upon your hearts, that you are the very being that is imaged in the “likeness” of The Creator who came up with you in the first place … including your being a bearer of the very energy that created the world! YOU ARE YOUR MATRIX!!

To be a bit more clear here, your thoughts are the things that set up your mode of being, your mood … your swings … they lend you “feeling” about your “reality”. What if you are in control of yours? What if you can manage to focus your attention, 24/7, on that which you are happy about in your experience with your life. Actually living it in its fullness because you are allowing for that to happen. Awesome thought right now, eh?

Of course, this takes tremendous will power and desire to be clear that you are an extension of The Source of your being! Your success is a credit to your being … increasing and expanding on that which had prior been achieved. You thus bring glory to being that which you essentially are … and not be “trapped” within the fantasies of those who don’t have your interests in mind. There is no virtue in living life through someone Else’s … how much more-so through those made up in the minds of programmers?

Anyway, I once again have here another Abraham Hicks session that has more entertaining, yet important information for us to keep in mind. We can and should tune our selves to stay on the “high vibration” path … The one that allows with clarity of being the goodness that is with us every day all the time even when we don’t notice it. It’s beyond what we think … But none the less good!

How do you release the “hook” that holds you back? … The succumbing to the whims and fantasies of the many “sheeple” in your midst … in the environment that you chose subconsciously to affect you the way it does? Do what you should do according to the messages received from your own “inner guidance system” and flow “downstream” instead of “up” … on the path of least resistance … The path of most allowance!

So there you have it! An uncommon yet rather sensible way to leave “The Matrix” and live a life of abundant creation. With sight aimed through an inherent “guidance system”, we can build “thriving” momentum in the direction that is most likely to get us where we want to go … in the best way possible. Without resistance, we allow … We permit our “inner Gd-sourced being” to reveal to us “the path” to follow that leads to what we want. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The Universe works tirelessly to accommodate your desires … “The Matrix” no longer has influence!

Read this book alongside listening to the audio: How To Be A Genius … The Science of Being Great, the third and final book written by “new thought” pioneer and inspirational author Wallace D. Wattles back in the early part of the last century. Wattles was way ahead of his time and his books are even more popular now then they were back when he wrote them.

You are more than your body … There is a “Source energy” part of you that is a strong vibration in momentum  … constantly calling you on toward greater greatness. It pays quite nicely to hear that call and forever leave “The Matrix”. Wisdom is the essential basis of  your greatness … Gain it and use it for your growth. Uncover your destiny.

The Alternate Reality

Are you aware that an alternate reality exists to everything you currently imagine? So much has come to light with regard to how our consciousness affects what we perceive as real. The previous post revealed a video that explains all this in depth. It is quite a mind-opener you should take a moment to view! If you are interested in how one particular spiritual mentor found “the secret” to better living, the following movie by Wayne Dyer is one of the most inspirational films I have ever watched  … Watch it too 😀 … In it’s subtle teaching, it shows the ways in which you can be happier and more content in life by recognizing ignorance and opening the door to shift into a better reality.

Too many people tend to miss the goodness in their lives simply because they largely focus their thoughts on what’s wrong with their lives and do not pay homage to what is in fact good. This practice only serves to keep the frequency of their “vibration” on a low level. Positive, high level vibrations result from happy thoughts and feelings. The Universe’s Law of Attraction states that whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into our lives.

Those of you who have been following my posts know that every now and then I like to include the words of wisdom that stream from “Abraham”, the collective universal consciousness, through Esther Hicks. To the unfamiliar, their teaching is that we as human beings, are THE “LEADING EDGE” of present day “re-creation” … continuously expanding the Universe beyond that which was created prior to our coming here … and creating new avenues of becoming.  In fact, “recreation” is such an appropriate word since from their point of view, we unfortunately tend to work too hard! Life is meant to be fun … an experience within which our needs are provided effortlessly by the nature of God’s Universe. The error of thinking we must struggle and strive for success only causes us to resist going with the flow of “Source” (present in the form of our “inner being”) who from what I’ve come to understand, immediately answers our call and provides at that moment what we need (albeit on a vibrational level, but nonetheless done for us). We just have to somehow match the frequency of that vibration the same way a radio dial is adjusted to tune into a specific broadcast. Check this for more if interested:

All told, what’s written on the bottom line is that we can dictate the state of our “reality” by the way we focus thought. We have the ability to enter consciously into alternate realities at every moment! Every moment of our lives can be as real as we imagine them to be. It is said that the “present” we are living at this moment is the “old news” of our past thoughts and imaginations. By living “in the now”, we can gain insight on what to anticipate will be the experience of our future.  With what we have learned thus far, it is obviously wise to preserve every “now” moment with the infusion of good feelings and appreciation for “the path” we are on and positively thinking about it.

Many times all one has to do is “go with the flow” to where the inner being is leading. Instead of trying to go against the flow, resisting the “ease” with which “Source” and The Universe is tending to and providing for our needs, what we really need to do is allow the “inner being” within us to navigate the way. Like a GPS navigational system, it is said that our inner beings indicate to us whether or not we are on the right path in life by the way we feel … Happy? You’re on the right track. Not, you’re not!

As an experienced human being, my experience (and I am pretty sure it is the same with you) has been that it is extremely difficult to maintain a happy state of mind and a positive outlook when things go “haywire”. Sure, some times it is easier than others when things are working out … or appear to anyway. But, in the midst of a crisis, who of us can whistle a happy tune at that time? Gloom is doom no matter which way you look at it. There exists at that time only darkness … light has a very hard time dispersing it. But, it is possible to alternate that reality for another. Listen to a full workshop Esther conducted:

However you can do it, enjoy the journey on the way to what you want even though the whole time you’re on the way you aren’t there yet! We are and will always be on our way to something more. We will never get “it” done and the only “wrong” way to try and get “there” is to not have fun along the way. It’s during the journey that you’ll experience thrills. Alternate the “reality” of your experience to serve your future well.

What is Consciousness?

I find myself at times looking through eyes or otherwise sensory perceiving through body parts that I’m not sure are “me”, an experience that seems somewhat peripheral to who I am … who or what I was made to be, came to be, am to be. Too deep to put into words … at least by me 😀 . But the point is, what if my experience of life is just an imagination? Images built by thought into a “nation” of “perceived reality”, that really is only a dream that can change at the whim of the next thought!  If “made in Gd’s ‘image'”, what chance do we have of continuing to exist if “It” decides to “think” otherwise? … Is our experience of Life based purely on what “Its” imagination is? Yikes! Whoa Nelly!!

Personally, coming from who I know myself to be, I believe that as extensions of the primordial and eternal “Source/God” energy that created what we know as reality – we contribute to the whole, individualized portions of the same for continuous, eternal expansion. Can you agree? Why did Einstein state that, “the most important decision that we make is whether to believe we live in a hostile or friendly universe”?

I can tell you from my experience with Psilocybin mushrooms back in my college years, that such a decision is extremely important before setting out on an adventure into the unknown … It can make or break the final outcome … and the right environment for “being” is crucial to all manners of success. The wrong one only causes too much resistance to allowing a focus with clarity on what is good. As a disclaimer, “magic mushrooms” are illegal and categorized as a Schedule I controlled substance in the United States, though recently, the FDA and DEA have allowed some small, highly controlled human studies on their potential for use in medical and psychiatric settings.

But my greatest interest comes in learning how to alter my reality … to how I want it to be. This excites me! To have the power in my “mind” to think thoughts that serve me well and set up an attraction to whatever it is that I want. Can you feel it … how exciting that notion is? Our thoughts are the most dynamically fluid vibrations of energy substance in the entire Universe! While separate and independent of our physical universe, they interact with our physical universe. Any thought repeated over and over and over again in your conscious mind will make an imprint in your subconscious mind … and just as a tuning fork, it then begins vibrating and attracts to you the people, circumstances, events and synchronizes them all to match the images you hold within. Amazing!

Here’s some more wisdom for every day:

All in all, we are the bearers of the key to our future. By taking charge of our “present” we prepare the way we are to be “gifted”.  Create the reality you really want … Think … You will be that you will be!

This Life is Amazing!

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve gone through some rather “funky” transitions that are too complex to try and explain in words so I won’t do that here. Besides, it’s experience that teaches and not the words that describe the theories. So, you’ll just have to learn from yours and yours alone … But, I will still share with you my thoughts. Who knows, maybe I am sent as one of your “spirit guides”, being a “spiritual motivator” of sorts?

One of the things that has proven to me how amazing this life we have is, has its root based in contrast. For instance, we do not recognize “light” until it springs out of and dispels darkness. The contrast between the two amplifies each one’s identity. The same can be said regarding the distinction between the colors of a rainbow. While the dividing lines may be somewhat blurry, the core of each is distinctly different and true to their being. We get to know what we want by experiencing what we don’t want. That’s what helps bring clarity into our lives.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I found myself in a dilemma of sorts trying to come to grips with a contrast between how I wanted to feel and the reality of how I felt … Essentially coming to conjure up two women into my world. One with whom I married and have raised a family with and another with whom I would really love to do the same even more … Much more!

Anyway, what has come to my attention is that “prayer” is an extremely powerful tool which does get answered. Though the answer isn’t always recognized, there is one nonetheless … Believe it or not. The way I see it, considering the fact that as the “breath of life” was breathed into our ancient ancestors Adam and Eve, that “breath” came from the innermost space within The Creator. This implies that a portion of “It” was thus implanted within the bodies of these first humans … The “soul” … an extension of God.

So in a sense, we, as descendants of those first human beings are alive because of the existence within us the energy from which ALL was created. When we ask for something, we are likely to somehow get it simply because it is as if our “Source” is giving in to Itself … Can you real-ize that? Would “It” deny itself what “It” wants and needs? Quite a powerful concept when you think about it! We were created and are meant to be human likenesses of God!! Unfortunately many of us do not identify with that. The important thing to keep in mind however is to be very clear about what it is you really want and in fact, need. Things always work out for us when we let our path find us!

I remember, almost 28 years ago, asking The Holy One to provide me with a woman that would be suitable for me to marry and be a good mother to our children. Not a bad request at all … my request was granted and I was very happy about that. However, with the passage of time, I came to realize that though my life was blessed by her accompanying me on that wonderful path, I was not truly bound “contractually” to the woman who I could recognize and feel as my “true” mate. There was a pronounced recognition of genuine incompatibility where complementary action won’t happen.

As it happens with me, my nature of being attempts to focus mainly on the positive side of things in the equation more than the negative … And I tend to stay with something (or someone in this case) that doesn’t really serve me in the ideal way I would prefer. I held myself in a job that was similar maybe longer than I should have too as an example. I say “maybe” because it could be that my time there was actually what was necessary for me to learn and develop into what I eventually did. It may be the same thing with the woman who has up to now been my wife.

Something begins to stir within me though that causes me to yearn for better at some point along this journey through life. It “comes to a head” one day, then “bursts” … In this case, the feeling that I was sorely without yet desiring my true mate. The woman who called herself my wife was not the “real deal” … Though she tried as best she could. Sadly though, I could not rid myself of the thought and feeling the tremendous lack. It pervaded my being and even brought me to tears.

I went out into an open field and with eyes raised to Heaven, poured out my heart and cried for an answer to my problem. “Either show me that I was to accept that this woman is to remain “mine” for the rest of my life or provide me with another and make it such that peace would reign between all involved”.

What happened within a week later, my eyes were “opened” to capture the presence of a woman who somehow illuminated my soul. Long story short, I had again been given an answer.

Life is full of surprises. One only has to be open to witness the many wonders and miracles that occur around us every moment of every day. There is no shortage of fascinating things that can and do happen for us. Just be aware of your “divinity” … For we are all samples of “God-ness” … Spiritual beings of goodness in the guise of physical beings that have the ability to create our realities by connecting with the energy that we are and its source. Life is truly amazing … Make it fantastic!

The Magic of Referrals

The power of word of mouth advertising is touted everywhere in business. To have others boast your praises has the power to drive more interest in what you do, what you offer … Think about it: Two people like what you do, what you have to offer … they each tell two others who are interested in “that type of thing” … That’s four more folk who now know about you. With or without incentive, those four do likewise in interesting two people to “the offer” … Now you’ve got another eight … and on it goes to some fantastic number … theoretically.

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Many are Man’s Thoughts

. . . The thoughts in a man’s heart are many. But it’s the “advice” that “Source” gives to him that will bring about what he wants in his life.

In my last post, I brought up the idea that inspiration is the result of a “breathing” mind … a mind which is receptive to the messages which our “Source” provides for us. Is yours “breathing” today? What it takes is simply to be in a relaxed state appreciative of all that you have and are doing while the Universe secretly arranges for people, events and things to surprise you during the day. It’s about making the choice to feel happy no matter what the circumstances are in life because that is the naturally intended state of being for “creatures” made in the “image” of God … in Its likeness.

In his book Psycho-Cybernetics,  Maxwell Maltz relegates a whole chapter to this notion. Not exactly in relation to what I wrote above, but the concept that happiness is native to the human mind. Happiness enables us to think better, perform better, feel better and maintain good health. Too often many of us hold the false belief that we will be happy after some future event or occurrence. The problem with that is while we wait for it to happen, we miss out on being happy in the present … The “now” loses out due to the disappointment of the event or occurrence not yet happening. Happiness is a mental attitude, a habit, that is learned and practiced. If not in the present, it may never be experienced. This is just one topic the book discusses.  With millions of copies sold, if you haven’t read his book, you may be missing out on the most important influence on your life. Check it out!

What needs to be reiterated is that we receive countless numbers of blessings each day. The simple fact that we are alive is one of them. While life does have its problems, it is to be understood that they are in our lives for the challenge of overcoming them. Life would be rather boring if all day every day everything went well without any blips. There is an interesting level of fun experienced when we overcome obstacles to achievement and solve difficult problems. It’s our mental exercise routine. Moreover, we create an expansion of our being by realizing greater abilities through experience.

Esther Hicks, the physical conduit of the thoughts of a collective of non-physical beings, talks about the purpose of contrast in our lives as being the means by which we learn what we want in life. That in fact, we knew that this is the reason we came into the world … to discern personally what we want to focus upon as “creators” … extensions of Source energy.  The world in which we live is vibrational and a change in your personal vibration will change your life. Thus, it becomes very important to give our attention to positive thoughts and feelings because that is the way we attract positivity into our lives. By focusing with clarity on what we want to experience, we encourage exactly that to be.

I can’t over emphasize how much this process has been affecting my life lately. Everything is always working out for me. Maybe not immediately, but I no longer have cause for concern. I know that “Source” is with me all the time in every moment no matter what. What a relief it is to hold that belief. I now experience my world unfolding beautifully in ways which allow me to receive what I want to come to me. One of the things that has come is the new Aspire Training for Online Marketing Mastery. What a fantastic “find”! More accurately however, the Universe coordinated such that it found me as a result of my enhanced receptive mode. With a 118+ page members area, it is bursting with training, expertise, community, tools and resources which ensure success for those  of us wanting to climb to the top of the internet marketing game. The coaching is first class as each and every one of them are already earning at least high six figures and some even at seven! I suggest you give it some thought if you too want a very nice income.

Anyway, life comes with challenges. The ultimate question though is how are you facing yours? You owe it to yourself to be in alignment with who you really are … with your origin and its true nature. once you maintain that frequency, the world becomes your playmate.

Make YOUR day special . . . !

Psycho-Cybernetics Updated and Expanded

Inhale The Future, Exhale The Past.

One of the most important abilities we have as human beings, is the power to move the intellect and the emotions. Whether they be those within us or that of others, we can soothe or motivate thoughts and actions. In fact, inspiration is the result of a “breathing” mind … one which allows the flow of divine spiritual energy to enter freely without resistance.

Unfortunately, the nature of our being joined with a physical existence tends to keep us “grounded” in earthly concerns as if they are the dominant features of our being. More often than not we forget that we are spiritual beings having this physical “human” experience. The majority of our “bodies” are actually vibrational in form, connected to our Source. What generally happens to us is that we focus on circumstances and events that affect us one at or another too seriously. It’s as if our lives are dictated by the experiences of the world we live in as opposed to our dictating the experiences we want from our world. After all, having the energy which created the universe as part of our souls, the Source within us, we are capable of re-creating “reality”. We do not have to accept the way things are as the way the will continue to be. We can decide how to be … how to behave … how to think about the people, places, events and things in our lives. There is no sense is being a slave to our energy motions. We can control them. It’s all a matter of choice.

Very often, we neglect the “now” in our lives and spend most of our time in memory. Remembering the past keeps us from enjoying what is happening now and limits our looking forward. I myself began to real-ize this recently. Those of you who have been following this blog have noticed that it’s been a while since I last posted. Well, the reason is, mental expiration. Too many thoughts not leading me forward but keeping me stuck in relentless worry. No need to get into the details but it’s very difficult to come up with good content in that state. Needless to say, I’m past that now and working on an improving my future using my “now” as a launching pad.

There are countless blessings that come our way at every moment of a day. This is a fact that must be recognized and appreciated all the time. The only way we can do that is to be present in the moment. Why do you think it’s called the present? Because each moment of our lives is a gift! If we spend our time thinking backwards to the past or worrying about the future, we end up forfeiting the “gifts”. By relaxing and taking the time to be appreciative of where we are, no matter how much it may not be where we want to be, we can use the moment to take the necessary steps toward the outcome we desire. Each step forward will bring the destination that much closer … progressively coming into resonance with the totality of being that we essentially are.

Presently, I am working at a job which doesn’t pay me what I believe I deserve. It happens to be a rather comfortable job which allows me a level of freedom whereby I can actually be doing things like this while working. I listen to recorded lectures and read interesting articles while still performing the duties of my position. It’s a blessing all in itself. but, the pay leaves me desiring more. I really have nothing to complain about other than that. When I see the people in the same location busting their butts doing work that is much harder physically and mentally, who get paid the same relatively, I know how lucky I am. Or is it Divine Providence? You see, I recognize my “divinity”. Not that I am better than anyone else. It’s just that I real-ize that I am an extension of The Source of All Created Being. Most of the people I know don’t even think about this until I bring it to their attention. Of course it seems to me that they forget thinking about that shortly after I relate it to them. It’s so easy to get caught up in human frailty. Somehow, by aligning myself with that reality, I have managed to “create” a job reality congruent with that notion … I think. It’s related to the law of attraction. That which is like unto itself is attracted to itself. As I accept with gratitude the people, places, circumstances and things in my life, the door opens to the Universe to supply more stuff to appreciate.

For instance, knowing that I want to be making more money than I have been, though not complaining about it and drawing negativity around that situation, the Universe has been providing me with all sorts of guidance and information as to how I can begin to increase my financial well-being. As if by accident, I was attracted to an ad identifying 6 steps to a six figure business in 90 days. Now, taking into consideration that this seemed far-fetched, I didn’t know if it was true that this could be achieved. However, I also know that “Source” has my back! So much in life has shown me how much “It” Loves me and Wants my Happiness … I believe this to be truth. I’m checking it out. Maybe not going to be making six figures in 90 days (though I now see how it can actually happen …) but hopefully soon enough … preferably before the year is up 😉 . Hey, even five figures is better than the low four I make nowadays. If you are like me in any way, you owe it to yourself to check this or the likes of it out as well. If you can believe as I do, you’ll be positioned to make use of a potential winner. “Source” and the Universe that does “Its” work is seeking for you to benefit from life in this time-space reality as well. So, inhale the future, bring it in deeply and exhale the past, because back there is nothing that will do you any good right now anyway!

Likes Like Likes

When we think about what motivates us and makes us act the way we do, we have to consider the draw. What’s the pull and what has it got a hold of . . . Where are we being “grasped” and in which direction is the force yanking? What is the nature of the force? What ALLOWS you to not fight it?

It all boils down to a similarity of form. Let me explain. Of course if you’ve gotten this far, you probably want to know where this is going – duhh! Anyway, when a force exhibits an attraction for another object, we can say that it is magnetized to that object. That for inherent reasons, some of which may not be known, a desire exists for one thing to another. That a force acting between two whatevers tends to draw them together and resist their separation.

But isn’t attraction usually a factor between two opposites? Complementary poles? Plus joins minus, males to females, light to dark, yin on Yang . . . The list goes on. So, how does that explain the concept of likes attracting likes – that “birds of a feather flock together”? It seems somewhat contradictory.

The look alike effect plays an important role in self-affirmation. A person typically enjoys receiving confirmation of every aspect of his or her life, ideas, attitudes and personal characteristics and it seems that people are looking for an “image” of themselves to spend their life with. One of the basics of interpersonal attraction is the rule of similarity. Similarity is attractive. It is this underlying principle that applies to both friendships and romantic relationships. There is a high correlation between the proportion of attitudes shared, and the degree of interpersonal attraction. Cheerful people like to be around other cheerful people and negative people would rather be around other negative people (Locke & Horowitz, 1990).

Similarity has effects on starting a relationship by initial attraction to know each other. It is showed that high attitude similarity resulted in a significant increase in initial attraction to the target person and high attitude dissimilarity resulted in a decrease of initial attraction (Gutkin, Gridley & Wendt, 1976; Kaplan & Olczak, 1971). Similarity also promotes relationship commitment. Study on heterosexual dating couples found that similarity in intrinsic values of the couple was linked to relationship commitment and stability (Kurdek & Schnopp-Wyatt, 1997).

But then, how does that jive with the complementary type of relationships? Perhaps the importance of similarity and complementation depends on the stage of a relationship. Similarity in humans seems to carry considerable weight in initial attraction, while complementary elements assume importance as the relationship develops over time (Vinacke, Shannon, Palazzo, Balsavage, et-al, 1988). Markey (2007) found that people would be more satisfied with their relationship if their partners differed from them, at least, in terms of dominance, as two dominant persons may experience conflicts while two submissive individuals may have frustration as neither member take the initiative.

All this I write is in the wake of my last post in an attempt at closure. Because I need to understand … Is it the similarity of form that is the basis of my drama? Being affected by an “image” of what I value, in someone else? Her being female really boosts the attraction no doubt. But essentially, and especially considering the importance of not messing up a “not all that bad” thing, I choose to focus on the beauty of my similarity with her being. To allow the excitement of simple communication with her and to see how I can learn lessons from her experiences for my own development. It’s a gift! While maybe not to be a “wife”, though I really would like for that to happen, it is probable I can still be “re-paired” even so … by basking in the “light” that flows between us from the miracle of her being in my world.


Going Nuts . . . It’s Bananas . . .

I’m in somewhat of a dilemma. I need to vent. You see, there’s a battle going on within me having to do with the possibility that I’ve met someone important to me in my life . . . But, there is no way I can know for sure in which way and that my imagination isn’t running away with me.

This situation ties in somewhat with my last post, albeit unexpectedly. It’s from the lattice of coincidence.

It’s like this – a special, highly radiant soul has appeared in my environment and is causing mine a type of uneasiness that doesn’t allow me to stop thinking of her . . . She’s always on my mind. I think it’s from a rumbling of love but I don’t know how or why. With mere eye contact and words, we both begin to “glow” in each others presence. Her aura seems just like mine and we’re “energetically” alike. The major difference is with our ages . . . I’m around 11 years older! Now this wouldn’t be a problem for me if I wasn’t married; but, I am, for better or for worse. I can’t really investigate this possibility further.

The song by England Dan and John Coley floods my mind . . . Yeah, if this is the case, it is sad. But I don’t want melodrama. I’ve actually wondered since that fateful day I married if I indeed found my soul mate. I had doubts then, but to make a long story short, she was right for me at the time and may still be (24 years must mean something). But the fact that my soul didn’t nor doesn’t “sing and dance” from her presence tells me that maybe I settled for second best and compromised. What’s important is that my life is nevertheless good. While it is natural to want better, good is what it is.

No relationship is without its ups and downs with rocky precipices. However, there is much to be said for being “in love” with someone as opposed to merely feeling love for them. The feeling that no matter what, you are undeniably for that person and would do whatever you need to keep them in your life. That’s not to say I wouldn’t work out of love to keep my wife happy and provide for her as necessary; but, I don’t feel like I’m “in love” with her. In fact, at times I don’t even like her! Her personality seems incompatible and clashes violently with mine at times and moments do occasionally arise where I “make my escape” and go meditate. I do love her, but have this sense that my true soul mate is still out there – somewhere – maybe closer than I am ready for . . . and I won’t ask or attempt to verify my suspicion! It could just be that I having a middle age crisis. Who knows!

What to do? I might be too old for this one anyway so what the heck am I thinking. This is nuts! My wife is a high quality woman with a beautiful soul and wonderful intentions. I have truly been blessed to have her in my life and I hope vice versa. She’s been here and there for me through some rough times and I sincerely thank and owe her for that. But what if my ideal match really is someone else? This scares me! What if this is my last “incarnation”? I doubt that it is, but what happens if the next one is a long way off and I am supposed to act now? What if this fantastic woman is my soul mate? Maybe she is a reincarnation of some other past family member who I was really close to? It’s bananas – unpeeled and oxidizing! I may never know.

I better just keep business as usual for the time being. Gone are the times when a man can take more than one wife – legally anyway . . . and I care not to hurt my wife’s feelings over this matter in particular. It’s a good thing she knows nothing about this blog! So, unless the “soul” that has “zapped” my control reveals her identity in a way that makes it clear to me that I need clear the way, my “show” must go on as it has for the past quarter of a century . . . and still be blessed. Chivalry cannot be allowed to die. It’s the virtue of true, caring men who recognize what’s right.

So again, it’s high time for me to grab more trusty blends of therapeutic essential oils to infuse my brain with healing aroma. In case you want to know what I’m talking about here, check out the app. I shouldn’t have this time go lapse without them!

What’s The Deal With Reincarnation?

Is it necessary? I mean, why is it that some of us believe we may get another chance at life? Is it because this one isn’t so satisfying that we hope another one would be better? What keeps us from living this one better? Should the answer to that question eliminate the need for another chance to live life again when applied? . . . Or are we possibly an experiment by The Higher Power Who’s checking how we respond to different scenarios of “reality” and thus recycles us at will without our knowledge?

Perhaps we’ll never know. One thing is for sure though, we are here now. What are we doing and are we making good use of our “gifts”? What are our aspirations and how are we cultivating their “soil” to encourage their bearing “fruit”?

It could very well be that we only live once. If that’s the case, what should we be achieving before it’s over? Should we all be doing the same thing? We know that there are rules for maintaining a sane society. Could they be for maximizing the amount of time we have for living longer? Because without them, surely some of us would live selfishly to say the least . . . and lives would be cut short.

Seriously! If we knew that this is the only life we have to live, how need we go about it without interfering with the right of others around us to live decently too? Everyone living out their dreams without hurting anyone else. Is that really possible? Because I happen to think that someone or others by default will no doubt think only of him/herself or themselves and mess up the symbiosis. The nature of mankind unfortunately has an evil side to it. Not everyone can overcome and conquer it. It exists in varying amounts with some folk possessing more and others less. But is that because of a certain refinement attained by “rectification of character” via second, third or more “chances” at life? Some of us achieving higher levels of “being” through graded, life cycle refinements?

It’s too much for a limited mind to comprehend. Whatever the truth is, I believe we have to live as if this is our only chance to appreciate the beauty that life has to offer. First, we have to see it as beauty full, then we have to be imbued by it and live out the healthy expressions of our appreciation. To use whatever talents we are given to elevate existence to even higher levels of conscious appreciation in order that The Universe open up more channels to joy for us. Its stores are endless and the goods are abundant in stock. Then, it wouldn’t matter if this was the last time we are . . . Our lives would be great nonetheless! . . . With a chance to do it over again hopefully . . . Unless the rewards of the after-life are even better for those who conquer their evil inclination. Then it would really pay off to make this one count.

The Disruption of Anger

I had to catch myself this morning as I found myself a bit late getting off to work. One of my daughters is complaining that no one woke her up at six o’clock per her request (which I cannot recall her asking me if she did) anh here it was half an hour later. She’s standing in one spot loathing over how little time she has to get her things done. I said to her that while the situation looked bleak, it behooves her to do as much as possible in the time remaining. She just stood there wallowing in misery. I told her that as long as she stands there doing nothing, nothing will fet done and if she’s wise, she’d better put “the pedal to the metal” and haul a__. She just raised her voice and said there was no chance she could finish her preparations in the amount of time left. She was right. She wasn’t doing anything but whining in place. I wanted to yell at her but then quickly realized, in time, that she became the proverbial horse that when lead to water, can’t be forced to drink if it doesn’t want to. I didn’t know what to do.

I felt a surge of anger. What the heck is going on here? Can you smack sense into the “blind”, ignorant and stubborn? Of course not! Being a parent, it’s become apparent that one finds need for a course in psychology to meet the challenge of it. Not everyone “catches” his or herself in time. There are many terrible stories abound with tales of lost control.

I gain my insight from Torah. It happens to be my choice for principle guidance. I have no intent to impinge on anyone elses sources for moral or spiritual guidance. That said, Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz brings from Gemara that the ways of The Torah become part of a Torah scholar’s personality; the more a person learns the Torah and delves into its great wisdom, the more it becomes part of him. I reckon this holds true for anyone who permeates his life to live with holiness and good teaching from words of “Iight”, wisdom and truth. A true scholar of genuine Divine wisdom should be a person who walks the talk, who lives it, who embodies it –  someone in whom the values of “The Way” are personified in their conduct, the way they interact with people, their integrity and their decency. Every part of their being should be an expression of such high values.

This is why when there is anger, the wisdom and “in”-spiration of the Torah leaves. If the person who makes a point of embodiying the teaching is not walking the talk, if they are not an expression of the depth of Torah values, then there is no place for Torah within such a person. Living the values of “The Way” day-to-day is a prerequisite to being a true “enlightened” scholar. Hence many passages in the Talmud discuss how decency is the foundation upon which G-d taught learning can be built – not just because it is the moral imperative, but because the Holiest of Teachings cannot remain in a person who does not actually live its way. It has to become part of who he or she is.

There is a famous letter written by Nachmanides, Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman, known as the Ramban, who lived some 700 years ago. He wrote a letter,  what could be called an ethical will, giving advice for life to his son; but his words are timeless. He began the letter with a verse from Proverbs, and the first sentence in his own words reads as follows: “Accustom yourself always to speak all of your words with gentleness, to all people and at all times.” This is the Ramban’s first instruction to his son and, by extension, to people who value good moral qualities. We must speak gently to all people at all times. He continues, “and through this, you will be saved from anger which is a very evil trait and causes people to sin. This is what Sages say: that “whoever becomes angry all kinds of hell rule over him.”

The fact that the Ramban chose to start his ethical will with these instructions shows us how dangerous anger really is, but at the same time also gives us practical advice on how to control it. He is saying, externally you must act in a way which is the opposite of anger and that will have an internal impact. What we portray to the outside influences who we are on the inside. If we speak gently and kindly, this will prevent anger.

Of course all this is easier said than done. But, if any of us are desiring in any way to emulate The Creator and “Be” in Its Likeness, it is imperative to consider these words and learn ways to do so.

Feel free to add your comment.

Some Words About M.O.B.E.

As you have probably learned by now, if you’ve been reading the posts in this blog, I have a liking for Matt Lloyd’s proven and license-able online business system. For those just now learning about it, I want to clarify a few important points in regard to it, that are important to take into consideration if you too are looking for a “right thing” to partake of in becoming an internet marketer.

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All New Beginnings Are Difficult …

. . . But that then makes them all the more satisfying when their end is sweet!

Sure, it is a known fact that what stops far too many people from achieving their desired attainments is being afraid to start! To make the first real move in the direction they want to go that they themselves have chosen. Stopped on the tracks right from the start. Now what do you do?

Fear of beginning anew is instinctual. Starting fresh in an unknown realm. Unsure of the depth to which you’ll be challenged in the new environment. All you know is that you’ve got to zero in on something new. To focus on making the best of the new situation. Whether it be from one or many aspects simultaneously, change is rough and tough. Especially when you are impaired and unprepared.

By being im-“paired”, not “pairing” or adapting yourself to likewise represent the “nature” of that to which you are “changing”, you have a harder time “fitting” in. You don’t relate to it. By “pairing” yourself beforehand to the “condition” to which you are destined to become a subject accelerates acclimatization. It fortunately began beforehand! One was “prepared” (pre-paired as it were . . . Even pre-“pared” as in apples or potatoes before they are used for cooking).

This has meaning for all things we concern ourselves with. How well prepared are we to take our be-ing to the next level . . . even artfully. That is if you want to. I imagine that if you’re reading this material, you too are looking to foster good changes in your be-ing. No? Am I wrong? So let’s assume the position. Position ourselves to be mutually appropriate to achieve maximum results for the whole picture.

What is the first thing you want to change to start ________? How would you begin? What do you already have that would justify you beginning right now to have your ________?

As for me, I make it no secret that I would prefer to be a business owner rather than an employee for someone else. That’s the only way I can insure that I come to enjoy the work aspect of my life. No boss is going to put his heart into my satisfaction on the job. Even if (s)he did, will I be able to survive on the companies “benefits” should I be fired or retired? Some of my earlier postings provided sources for good books to read on this subject. I suggest you see the post “on Mentors and Coaches”. These can kick start you quicker than you would by your lone ranging self. It is through some of their influence that I began this blog to share my stories. This is part of my new beginning, one of many throughout my history, though this one being publicized. It is part of what I already have in my possession that justified my expedient start. That plus my desire to nurture a change in my behavior. By sharing my story I get to find out if anyone else resonates at my vibration . . . Theoretically at least. This must have readers for a start! But you can say I’ve been “pre-paring” the way, removing the coarse barrier to the wants within to make for easier digestion.

Be that as it may, to really entice big potential financial change from the “git-go”, one of the better private license rights recommendations I have for getting a running start in an online enterprise is . . . in some of my posts. I bet you already know. It’s a very fine start.

Of Wives and Men

Are you or have you been married? What’s it like? Pretty intense at times for me . . . I want to believe for the better.

This post could be classified as one of my intimate personal revelations. However, like I want to believe, it’s for the good. As with all of my posts anyway. We’re in this to win.

So it goes, a man seeks a wife. Why? It was kind of fun being single. No limitations regarding my whereabouts whenever and I could interact with whomever I wanted without questions like “Where were you?” or Who were you with?” suddenly becoming like hornets flying at my face. Of course, when you can honestly answer without fear, unlike those times when the “smokin” co-worker in the office wants to spend maximum time talking to you and you very much enjoy it, it’s not so bad. But the world is full of temptations . . . no end in sight nor feeling. What ya gonna do?

What logic lurks behind a commitment which lasts an eternity? Would anyone in their right mind sign a job contract which contains a binding lifetime obligation, when so many jobs are available which do not require such an extreme commitment? Why not enjoy relationships for their natural duration, and then move on when the eroded passion ceases to justify the maintenance of the relationship? Why would any sane person willingly consent to stick with a relationship even after it deteriorates to the point that it is rocky and challenging at best?

According to Kabbalistic teaching, the compulsion to rush into a lifelong commitment is an expression of the human soul’s deepest ambitions. The subliminal signals emanating from the soul have caused the logic-defying institution of marriage to be an integral part of the human fabric since the dawn of time. The soul’s desire to connect and commit makes the aspiration for marriage one of our most basic instincts.

What is the soul’s agenda? What does it stand to gain from hooking up with another soul? The mystics explain that two primary considerations drive the soul’s desire to marry: a desire to be complete, and its need to transcend itself.

In the first marriage ever, Adam and Eve were initially created as a single, two-faced body. The single being was split in two—a man and a woman—and then reunited in matrimony. In the world of souls, the partition and reunification of the male and female components of individual souls occurs continually. Every body is occupied by half a soul, and both body and soul reach a state of completion only when they are reunited with their long-lost other half.

The Talmud says that each soul’s predestined soul-mate is determined before its birth. The two may be born continents apart, with seemingly nothing in common, but divine destiny ensures that everyone’s path intersects with that of their soul-mate. However, in rare instances, due to external spiritual factors which may intervene, it is possible for people to marry spouses who are not their soul-mate. Even in such instances, however, eventually the two original soul-mates will marry—whether later on in life as a second marriage, or in a future incarnation of the two souls.

According to Kabbalists, the soul’s most fervent wish is to transcend itself. Marriage offers the soul the opportunity to express its altruistic nature. Marriage is about two souls who put their individual needs aside, and commit themselves 100% to the success of the relationship.

With Adam and Chavah at the forefront, it has been our mission to sanctify the world and make it a suitable place for emulating its Creator and be cause for “It” to revel. The home is the first frontier. Man and his woman are the perfect team to implement this plan. When working in harmony, they have the ability to make the home an epicenter of holiness whose ripple affects the neighborhood and the cosmos.

While that may be the ideal situation, the reality can be quite different. Now I’m not saying that I am unhappy, not at all. Sure there are some unhappy moments in time which goes without saying. Things can’t be “jolly roger” all the time. How would we be able to appreciate the good times if we have nothing to compare them with? How would we know the difference?

But here’s the thing and this is where it starts getting real personal again. I don’t know how many of you read my post “This Is Personal” , but if you did you’d know that I am not “white”. Here’s where you find out that my wife is . . . well sort of. Not in the way that’s meant derogatorily. She’s an American Romanian gene Yehudiah born in Israel but grew up in New York City. Suddenly the Talking Heads come to mind . . . How did I get here?

Okay, I’ll tell you. For whatever reasons which I cannot say because they are altogether not so clear to me even, I’ve had this strong desire to want to know “Who is G-d?” . . . Really. My parents practiced Catholicism. While I faithfully went to church as a kid, I found myself wanting to know why the person people were saying saved them he himself prayed to G-d. Something didn’t sit right with me. The more I began to peruse through the bible that we had at home with its intriguing pictures, it appeared to me that maybe the essence of prayer should be directed to The Creator of Heaven and Earth. I don’t know, this is way to deep to write about now. Maybe I’ll write a book someday. But, essentially, I found myself in search of truth. Besides, waking up to the fact that the holidays that we celebrated, despite being quite fun days, had a lot of lies connected to them. What’s the deal with the Easter bunny? How come we had a real mean German shepherd dog guarding the inside of our house that let no one in and Mr. Claus could somehow sneak into the house overnight and plant loads of presents under the tree in our living room? No way he could get away with that and not get torn to shreds! Surely I’d have seen some red and white fabric shreds lying around somewhere in the house. Oh and the search for reindeer in the skies all night while listening for the bells chinging over an otherwise snowy silent night? Not once in all my years on this quest did I catch a glimpse of any of those characters. Why was I being lied to? What was the cover up? The truth doesn’t stand on one leg. It’s stabilized by a solid stance.

So I began my search for it intensively while attending university. There I met so many different types of people with so many varied beliefs that an opened mind can get flooded. I finally came to the conclusion that “original” teaching, the first five books that Moses wrote, had the most to offer me in the way of understanding who the real deal is as far as I can understand “It”. Not that I totally do but I feel good that I may be communicating better with “It” than I was under the influence of some other belief. Some say that somewhere in my gene pool there must have been a Jewish “spark” carried down from an unknown ancestor. I must say however, had I known about the Noachide Laws, that might have kept me from being under the yoke of 606 commandments and instead having to be responsible for upholding just seven! So much more liberating. But I’m happy to be living life under the “Canopy of Divine Guidance” so you won’t get any complaints from me. But, for anyone still with me on this blog dealing with similar issues like those I faced, the Noachide World Center may be a good place to look into. Check out these videos too.

Anyway, so I wanted to get married. Did I upset my destiny toward my soul-mate? Or was this part of the divine plan? What does G-d know that I may never find out?

When you change your world, you create a whole new reality. But your phenotype stays the same. For me, the types of “fish in the sea” seemed to become much fewer in number. In fact, pretty much down to zilch. Suddenly, pretty much any Yehudiah with brown skin that my friends and extended family would meet became a candidate for me. For that reason alone. But compatibility is an important concern for such a milestone commitment. I felt no need to be confined within the mindset that my help-meet had to look like me skin-wise. We are clearly people after all . . . Spiritual beings having a human experience! Not that much is different between us outside of the culture we are trained by.

So that had become the main challenge. Bridging the gap between cultural upbringing. I have found that compromise can be a double-edged sword that one must exercise extreme caution with. It can either encourage your wildest dreams or send you to your wildest nightmare. It’s important to keep your eyes on the prize you are trying to win. What’s your ultimate goal? Remember, begin with the end in mind. Now mind you, I, like every sane man on the planet, am attracted to beautiful women. Not that they are attracted to me, but I for sure am drawn to quality. Sure, there are some who look absolutely fantastic, but you can tell right away or even some short time after that they don’t represent quality women. Then again, you can find some really high quality women who look somewhat beast. I selected a “golden soul” who most certainly wasn’t going to be a draw to the “wolves” and maybe run astray nor would I wake up in the morning thinking again of those Talking Heads. Well, not too often anyway!! Admittedly it can happen.

So that’s it. In a search for a mutual lifestyle companion, we may find our selves building our own prison for reasons unknown. But, if the conditions are good, what’s the benefit of breaking out? Being committed doesn’t have to refer to an insane asylum. You have to stick with your “inner voice” and go with your program. It just may be that no matter which one you choose, she’s the right medicine for what ails you . . . Even if at times she makes you “sick”. It’s all good.

What Does It Mean To Be Perfect?

Who defines perfection? Who’s the judge? How does one come to the conclusion that a thing is complete and is finished? So good “the thing” is, that nothing of its kind could be better. That the “thing” has attained it’s true purpose!

Questions such as these are very tough to answer! There are many biases.

For one, it is written in the Torah that The Almighty appeared to Avram when he was ninety nine years old and said to him, “I Am G-d Abundant Who Blesses Mankind With All Manner Of Blessings; walk before Me and be perfect . . .” G-d commanded this before a special covenant between them be sealed (in exchange for G-d’s blessing that Avram be a father of a multitude of nations … countless numbers of mankind would be blessed because of him … and that his name would be changed to Avraham . . .) after he and every male among him be circumcised and that every male at the age of eight days old throughout his generations likewise enter the covenant by being circumcised.

That’s quite DEEP! The connection with removing the flesh of the foreskin in this case points to the notion that a male whose sexual organ bears the flesh of the foreskin intact, is less than complete . . . In fact, this “member” is better without the flesh of the foreskin and that this act of “perfecting” it makes possible the attainment of a much higher “level of being” in matters of sexual relations. THAT’S DEEP! He’s The One that made man and wo-man in the first place! Now we learn the job was to be finished by an act of man – to become complete, being imperfect from the beginning?

None of us can dare comprehend the mind of The “Holy Beyond Beyond”, nonetheless fathom the imagination that we can even know. But the command clearly stressed to Avram, his descendants and followers the requirement to “walk” and “be” perfect before The Lord. For sure this has far reaching implications regarding our need to live up to an ideal.

As far as where I am concerned, it’s unlikely that there is such a thing as a “perfect thing” done by the work of human beings. As it is, our natures and appetites are out of control by force of habit. Plus there’s always an improved “thingamajig” over a former one and “we’ve got to have it, no?” Even without planned obsolescence, the so called best laid plans may later to be found missing the newest tweaks.

Whatever, in life, we often need to simply work with what we have and gradually level up. There’s no benefit to remaining in analysis paralysis! There are times when you need to make a move quickly and be decisive. If you spend too much time thinking and analyzing too many options because you fear making a wrong choice, you could very well end up missing a perfect opportunity.

In this world, things may not be perfect ultimately, but there are some that ultimately lead to perfection. Choices have to be made and none need to be over-complicated. Without feeling the need to make the “perfect” decision one becomes more productive.

Time allotment for decisions should be based on their importance. If your objective is being met it should be a no-brainer. Even if your objective is only being moderately met, it’s still being met! Too many options requires you to eliminate all that are bad “right off the bat” and then to pick one and go with it without thinking twice. After all, the options you left standing were all considered the good ones – so go with the one you want to run with and “hit the ball out of the park”.

Make a commitment to whatever you decide on and make the best of it. After all, it’s progress that we’re after . . . Isn’t it?

What Makes Being Human An Art?

First of all, we all works of art. No? Descendants of the first man and woman created from clay that was inspired with the “life breath” of The Almighty Holy One. An occurrence so awesome it can drive you insane imagining the power of what that means for us as the latest representatives of that being! There’s a reason why we are . . . What’s the point?

General descriptions of art mention an idea of imaginative or technical skill stemming from human agency and creation. The nature of art and related concepts, such as creativity and interpretation, are explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics.

My reference in this blog is to the pursuit of perfecting the “gift” we’ve been given. How we translate into behavior what it means to live better . . . being human at its best where more of us benefit. Of course, this involves a whole multitude of aspects.

Humanity represents itself in many ways. Most of which will not ever be discussed in this forum. However, many aspects will be and it is incumbent upon those of us wanting to “be” better, to address those issues of utmost importance for us.

Besides the search for gratification, there is an awareness of the inevitability of death. Everyone at some point dies. There is no way out of this! It’s reality. But what becomes most important to keep in mind is that in the end, it is not the amount of years one lived but rather the amount of life one had in those years! Quality is what really counts here.

Given the ups and downs of the experience we know of as life, it takes real mastery to maintain a sense of balance and coordination throughout the trials and tribulations we all endure. It really helps to take an artistic approach to go through daily living with grace and respect . . . especially when the going gets rough. Imagination helps!

It’s nice to own personal knowledge in working systems that can be duplicated. If it isn’t broke, there isn’t anything to fix. But you’ve got to make it yours! Then you can use it at will whenever you need it. Own the rights, win the delights! In fact, this is the benefit of The Licensing Solution for making money . . . selling other peoples work.

There are many working systems of martial arts which provide their “players” with tools for self-defense. Trained automatic response perfected by practice gives its “owners” the ability to defend themselves when attacked  . . . a key to inner security and situational confidence.

When people meet you after you’ve been trained properly, they instinctively sense an uprightness in your stature. Calmness and surety pervade your being and you mirror and reflect back comfort to those who interact peacefully with you, yet act appropriately reflexive when relating to the need to deflect onslaught.

Those of you in my sphere of physical influence, for now folk living in Northern Israel, who want to radiate auras of confidence which reflect an ability to appropriately face confrontations in their lives will have Wing Chun as the system to make use for personal defense.

I learned the “traditional” version of wing chun as taught by Sigong William Cheuk Hing Cheung though Sifu Sonny Whitmore in Queens, New York. This is a unique Chinese form of self-defense, originally perfected by a woman, which instills a more formidable sense of being in a third of the time it took to master Shaolin or Sil Lum martial artistry.

Master Cheung happened to become Bruce Lee’s (Shiu Loong) best childhood friend after meeting him at Bruce’s nine year birthday party in Hong Kong. William Cheung was also nine years of age at the time.

Potentially, if you live near me, you will be well advantaged to partake of my lessons. You’ll train having wiser responses to your environment’s theoretically potential onslaughts and gain deeper personal insights for expressing your virtuous side of being.

As you become an intensified work of art, artistically designed by you – mindfully – you’ll be a vortex of power. It be with you as it is yours! Your “be”-ing is your art.

This Time It’s Personal

Here’s where you are going to learn a bit more about who I am and why. Obviously part of the “why” answer is “because that’s the way G-d made me”. To leave it like that would be unfair though because WHY did He do that! Of course, there is no chance we could understand the infinite wisdom of The Supernal Being, but perhaps the answer can be surmised by what my inner voice tells me.

I don’t consider myself very photogenic and rather shy away from photo shoots. But now and then I get caught.

Looked like a nerd next to my Pop!
Looked like a nerd next to my Pop!

Anyway, the late 60’s and 70’s were pretty outrageous. Actually, it was much more outrageous before then – I just didn’t have to live it! I couldn’t understand why a large number of “white” folk hated me, without even knowing anything about me other than the color of my skin. That unfortunately was all that too many of them took time to know . . . Like “sight” hounds – Bling there’s the prey right there. Let’s get it! Kinda makes me wonder if my dad felt he had a tough challenge ahead with me. I wasn’t exactly looking like “Bond” material . . . a double 0 no seven. Then again, you can’t judge a book by its “cover”!

Anyway, too many times in my youthful after school excursions I found myself in a dilemma where it became critical for me to suddenly need to escape from racially motivated pursuit . . . in ways that didn’t lead directly to my home . . . jumping fences at times between neighbors that didn’t have dogs . . . Frightening moments for sure. My question was, “what did I do besides walk through the neighborhood?”

To be fair, it wasn’t so hot strollin’ through the “black” neighborhood either. Some jealousy issues perhaps. As it turned, my parents managed to succeed in their selected professions (Dad was a teacher of industrial arts and my Mom was a registered nurse) and we were privileged to live in a private house, among Italians and Jews . . . much more desirable than life in “the projects”. The first “black” family our new neighborhood. What a treat! Got to work a lot on my strength of character. Managed to prove I wasn’t a “chimp”. Had some really nice friends on the block too. We got along quite nicely and spent a lot of time playing all sorts of kids games that these days you don’t see much. Games like “kick the can” and “ring-o-livio” besides catch, touch football and even racing each other between sewer caps or the electric poles. Nowadays most activity is smartphone or computer centered. Eyes glazed social, if you know what I mean.

It was out of “my neighborhood” that for me sometimes turned out quite intense. Adrenalin and fast-twitch muscle flowing and tingling wildly inside … Like the time when I happened to be returning on foot from the Bronx Zoo and upon passing through a neighborhood of Italians on my way home, someone threw a quarter stick of dynamite in my direction! Damn near hit me. The blast was terrifyingly terrific and even though I was in sprint mode, I felt its awesome power. BOOM! Deeeep deafening repercussion . . . Had they succeeded in hitting me with that thing, for sure some physical part of me would be mangled or missing.

Then there was the time my close buddy Stephen S. Cohen and I walked to a swamp about a mile away from our homes (he lived across the street from me) to collect some of its water to examine in my microscope. Young scientists at work. Within five minutes or so two kids stopped by us and saw us with our test tubes in hand and felt our mere presence was an affront to their pride in keeping “black” folk out and told us to leave. Mind you, all of the houses were further away and we were in no way a threat. Five minutes later, to our chagrin, a mob of that neighborhoods Italian youth rolled out upon us. After an attempt to outrun mini bikes on a stretch I found myself surrounded by at least nine of the punks, the leader of which (Foster Zee I found out later on) threatening to stabbing me – because “nig–rs” weren’t allowed to be in their neighborhood. Apparently being Jewish wasn’t anywhere near as much a problem for them as my having brown skin. My buddy (having run in a different direction which I thought provided less chance of an escape) was able to summon help from a family nearby . . . Saved, we were driven out with a warning to “be more careful”.

Thank G-d for getting me out of that madness unscathed! Needless to say, I sure wanted some sort of revenge after both those occurrences. Somehow though I just let them go. Better to let G-d deal with them as He saw fit. There are Laws you know. So called “Mother Nature” is implanted with “divine mechanisms”. I imagine their karma has since run over their dogma! I’ve moved on and am better.

There’s way too much to be told and I’m not about to rant it all out. The important thing to make real in life is progress in positive directions. All throughout life. I don’t consider myself “black”. That classification for me has a negative connotation. It seems to portray the quality or type of soul one has being devoid of “light”, when in reality it’s just a tag given by people who don’t know any better. It’s rather funny that so called “black people” are said to have soul – referring to a groovy depth and natural rhythm. Yet what I’m referring to the inspiration that the body receives from The Almighty Creator. The life force – that element within that is the reason the body is alive. The breath spark that lit the whole clump of clay from the git go. Let there be . . . and it still is . . . I’m a man of light, not darkness! In fact ideally none of us should be “dark”! Inside, we possess G-d’s image and it should be the driving force of our outward expression. Not “niggardliness”. I’m sorry if someone gets offended by what I have to say in this regard but opinions do vary.

Dark skinned folk are no less nor more than their lighter skinned brethren. We live in an illusion where certain things are made to look different but in reality it all stems from the same source and purely manifests itself as separate. In unity there is oneness. It’s a good thing that the times have changed and I can fear less when so called “white” people interact with me. You see, light is a feature of the very first act of creation. But the light most people see is not the true light in the sense of what was created. It was immediately hidden right after it was created and is said to be able to be seen only by the righteous among people. Beings which know how to capture glimpses of that light within the magic of life itself. It is expressed by allowing The Creator to maintain Its Work without one blocking the channels of heaven to earth enrichment. The creation is a work in progress; but mankind, made in the “image” of G-d, has power to re-create without restraint. Unfortunately, man-kinds re-creation has a way of destroying what should be like the Garden of Eden.

The point is, by our actions and responses to the stimuli of our environments, we either broadcast a positive or negative return to our moments. Building karma based on our dogma . . . Being . . . for better or for worse. Those of us who have learned to “glow” and make our world smile are living a more humane way of being. People respond better to someone who broadcasts dignity, honor and respect for his relations. It just comes back. The cycle is mirrored and re-cycles. When you make people smile and laugh, and keep doing that consistently to all but your enemy, not only do you feel good within but it becomes contagious and others begin to do it too … At least at those moments anyway. Instinctual natures can be tough to override.

Mr. Security