Is Love or Infatuation Fueling Your Actions?

We constantly hear people saying how much they love this and that or how’d they love to . . . But what is love really? A funny thing sometimes and supposed to be fun. But how do we qualify the experience and differentiate it from an illusion . . . from infatuation?

Because while infatuation presents the feelings of love, it is unbridled and uncontrollable. Very intense and usually short-lived since it is not based on reason and is rather blind to the real truths of the matter. Honest, mature love can actually result from infatuation given the right circumstances, such as by incorporating reason and reaching mature perspectives. But most “young minds” simply function on autopilot and don’t give deep thought to how their “vehicle” is being driven. The important aspect is that it drives them . . . sometimes to madness.

This immaturity has relevance to all facets of our emotional being. We tend to get caught up in the natural “slings and swings” of life without thinking before we act. It’s natural, what else can we expect. But let’s take our lives to their limits. Why not be supernatural? Going beyond the boundary of pure instinctual behavior and raising the notch of the ladder to what we can accomplish. Why live a mediocre lifestyle in “primitive” servitude to unbridled energy motions? What if there is a way to rise above the mundane and live more sane? To make sense out of nonsense by adding controls to actions and reactions.

This is the function of taking stock of who you are and how you want to be alive. When it comes to something or someone we want, we have to dig deep rationally and analyse from many different perspectives how the object of our attention actually fits into the equation we formulated for ourselves. Why are we so passionate about it and would life really be better if it was also part and parcel of the baggage we must carry? After all, during the journey to our destinations, we must have the right provisions for the way.

It’s hard for me to say that I love what I do but I do love who I am. That’s why it is so important for me to select what I take into my life with an eye on how my innards move me. Is it true romantic love I experience or infatuation with a fantasy. I take time to think on it, hopefully with intelligence. As I have mentioned before, one of my “secret weapons” is the use of therapeutic essential oils. What these do for me is instill a conscious focus throughout the day, for a few hours at least, on the purpose intended by their use. I smell the fragrance and am reminded of what I desire of it to do to me. On a subconscious level, I imagine being aligned with my desired outcome and however “the universe” manifests its greatness, I hope to be open.

I have been working with many mixtures, but those that I think elicited major breakthroughs in my “be”-ing are called “Awaken” and “Into the Future“. Of course, it may not have been the use of the oils that is doing the trick. But they sure don’t hurt! It could simply be my firm resolve to evoke a change in my being for the better. But I am learning to “love” including them in my daily regimens. Not just the aforementioned oils but a number of others as well just for the fun of it. For those of you who are interested in checking this out for yourselves, consider downloading the free app, Aromatherapeutic Essentials. It will be a tremendous help to those wanting to know more about the world of essential plant oil usage.

In another light, it can be found that people get excited about a new opportunity and feel gung ho and all about it in the beginning, only to let the feeling whimper out and fade away, especially when another opportunity comes along. That’s infatuation at work. What those folk really need is to apply good reasoning and come to the conclusion why to or why not to be involved with their new “fling” or sought after “life partner”. Being faithful and persevering with the “partner” that you find to love and is loving you back has great rewards. Doing so could save a lot of angst, wasted time and money. After all, a viable and enduring partner in the pursuit of life’s pleasures eliminates boredom and provides support and encouragement during times of need. Straying from that only brings sorrows in its wake.

Wisely know what you want and why, then stick to your method in getting it and then maintain having it. This is the way to true honest fulfillment in life with the quality of endurance. Love everlasting, we hope!

About Mentors and Coaches

When it comes down to whether or not you succeed, so much rides on the support you get in your venture. You either have it or you don’t. Support is great! When you have it daily and feel the sense of community with others doing what it is you’re doing, it really makes a difference. Dedicated partners helping you every step of the way keep you on track to success.

One of the tools I use is JT DeBolt’s Daily Power-UP Call. His topics cover pretty much everything including money, health, career, relationship, spirit, and lifestyle. Well worth hearing. What most people need is to accomplish an important “shift” in their mindset from that of an “employee” to that of a “business owner”. BTW, if you haven’t yet read Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant, you should! There he talks about four types of people that make up the world of business. By identifying where most of our cash is coming from, we can determine the type we represent. If where you are today is not where you want to be, you need to take action and develop the right path.

Being entrepreneurs is not the role we are made aware of as we are growing up. From a very early age we are programmed to go to school and get a good job. We’re not taught to be or do what we “really” want be and do. We’re not taught how to become masters of wealth and of our time. So it’s up to us to learn how to make the shift over from the employee mentality to one of controlling our own destiny.

We have to learn to free our minds of the limiting beliefs we may have. Here is where it really pays to have help from others who are already where we want to be and are doing what we want to be doing. Just follow their path and theoretically we should end up having the same results as them. It’s true. We simply have to get the schooling to attain the qualification to be in their category.

Conditioning or reconditioning our mind for maximum success is critical. Identifying and getting rid of limiting beliefs from the past is a must. Robert Kiyosaki talked about this when he first began to escape the employee mindset.

There is something called “paralysis by analysis” which is caused by our educational system punishing people for making mistakes. “A” students are successful really only for just making the least amount of mistakes. Interesting yes? However, in the real world, people who take action and succeed are the ones who make the “most” mistakes and learn from them to win in the game of life.

Many people are not successful because they fail to fail enough times. They let the fear of failure hold them back. When Thomas Edison was criticized for making 1,014 mistakes before creating the electric light bulb; he said “ I did not fail 1,014 times. I successfully found out what did not work 1,014 times.” This is a different way of thinking than most, right?

90% of wealth comes from people who control their own lives. They have mastered systems and their use of time. Speaking about time management, also read The Four Hour Workweek, by Tim Ferriss.

Anyone can become wealthy, but there is a limitation. That limitation is usually the way you think, or your mindset, as we discussed briefly a few minutes ago. Simply put, to change your life, and to be successful you must change your thinking. You must take full responsibility for your own results in business and life. 

No matter how powerful something is, no one can force you to use it. No one can make you change. YOU have to learn how to use it and put it to use. You are the “driver” of your life. So commit to being a “no excuses” type of person and take personal responsibility for your results in your “being”. Advisers know very little. Mentors have “been there” and “done that.” Are you willing to listen to and follow a mentor’s instructions and help given to you? If so, here’s a link to another one of mine.

Goal Setting

Some of us want to reach higher levels of being in our world. Not to remain the same old same that’s old. We want to be better and to feel better and to have more satisfaction from life and all that comprises it. But this doesn’t come about all by itself. Much of what is good in life has to be worked for. After all, with the “fall” of Adam, G-d said (more or less) to him that as a result he and his descendants: “… by the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat bread …” This has implications for pretty much anything that we want. Being “cast out” of “the Eden garden” this is where goal setting (and supplication for that matter) comes in.

Three specific behaviors have been proven to bring about effective goal getting:

  • Setting specific dates for each goal (Specific down to the day)
  • Whittling down the goal into a series of small steps and setting a specific deadline for each step (What’s the best way to eat an whale? One bite at a time … cutting it down into little edible pieces …)
  • Reviewing the defined stages regularly and measuring the progress. Where necessary make adjustments and take the next step and meet the deadline.

It’s good to carve out a few minutes each day to look at a step by step worksheet and be determined to not let its purpose drift to the wayside. Spend a few minutes figuring out EXACTLY what you really want to achieve and WHY. More importantly, work backwards from that point to see exactly how you can and WILL get your mark. Once you get a firm and clear goal in mind, then you can start to put a real plan together.

Several different routes can take you to your goal. Some will be easier to follow but will take much longer to shuttle you to where you want to be. Some may require more “energy” to be invested, but will get you to where you want to be much more quickly and be much more fulfilling to you in the end, which is what most of us want. Who wants to wait a long time to reach a destination?

While you’re at it you might as well think BIG! Truly wonderful successes happen in “quantum” leaps – not in tiny little increments. Like … Wow! We did it!

Begin with the end in mind. Start tracing from the endpoint and work backwards to envision a solid “plan of attack”. It is a MUST to achieve goals. Why set them in the first place? They are the “thing” that one has their vision on to achieve. Shift your mindset into a whole different gear. Realize that you can’t make that shift by behaving as you may have until now. You can’t reach your mark by simply working harder doing the same things you have been. Where have those actions gotten you to this day? Start to think in terms of leverage and find an existing system or different ways to be much more effective with less effort. If I’m not mistaken, Einstein said: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. What results do you want? Think sanely … and bigger.

If making more money is one of your goals, here’s a way to discover how to earn a real income from home. The Home Business Summit is an “international event tour” where internet millionaires come together to share their “insider secrets”. Every single speaker is an “in the trenches” online marketer – they are DOING what they come to teach.

Should you be interested, take a look and select the best location and time when you can join this incredible 3-day live event. You will then be positioned to learn what separates internet millionaires from internet failures by “experts” in the field. You’ll also learn the exact steps you need to take in order to get $bookoo coming into your bank account each month. When possible, learn from the best!

Begin With The End In Mind

Best selling author Stephen Covey of “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People”, coined that phrase. Decide what you’re aiming for. Decide what you want to generate and progressively build your self to achieve that.

As for me, I want to generate more money per unit of time worked for it and have more free time to do the things I want being financially freed. A “want”, but not necessarily a “need”. But why not if this can be achieved by perseverance? To be liberated from the “rat race” and spend more quality time being a happy human. It’s tough having to be enslaved to a job and spend so much time doing things I’d rather not if I had the chance not to do them. I know I’m not alone. Who out there really loves their job and wish to keep doing that same thing every day for the measly amount of money got for doing it. Surely there must be a better way. There must be some folk out there who are getting really nice pay from their jobs, but if you read the CashFlow Quadrant, you must realize of course that the real money is to be made on the right side of the quadrant. Like that of business owners and investors who master their time and the business systems they use . . . What I am striving toward and beginning to develop . . . Financial liberation that legends live. To be a successful player in the internet marketing revolution, one must begin with the end in mind. I now have access to training that teaches how to profit from the exact same insanely profitable business model presently used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in an amazingly short period of time. Just like investing in a proven profitable franchise (a turn-key business ready to instantly run and start generating profits) only much better … and A LOT Less expensive! Plus, there is consistent training and help to ensure success. What’s more, I am becoming more the me I enjoy being. My end in mind that I will mine is to be more cash productive in much less time. Consider this yourself. What end would you mind?

The Lattice of Coincidence

An illuminating scene from the cult 1984 film ‘Repo Man’:

It is a well known concept that accidents can happen. But what if there was no such thing as an “accident”. Rather, what if everything that happens is for a reason. Be it miraculous or something that we bring on to ourselves due to certain actions, could it be that whatever happens was meant to? Could the experience have been different?

I’m from the school of thought that being made in the “image of G-d”, we have the power to make our reality. Beyond what “nature” provides us with, there is an inherent ability within all of us to decide how to use the material we have to work with. Great possibilities lie before us. It’s just a matter of intent.

It is said that when a student is ready to learn, a teacher will be provided. Seemingly out of nowhere, yet right on time, it’s co-incidence by natural design. An “accident” that waited to happen. You might even say that you’re reading this blog by way of chance that happened upon you. But, the truth may be that you attracted it into your life. Maybe you want to enhance some aspect of your being and seek inspiration. Perhaps it’s a good thing you found my posts. What a coincidence! I was just thinking how nice it would be for me to have a positive influence on the people I interact with. It happens at some point every day by me … Because I make my days count that way. If I am only for myself, what am I. If I somehow manage to feel the joy of life, what value is there in keeping it to myself? If I am a factor in improving another’s state of being, the benefit is universal. It’s a splendid endeavor to be better than you were yesterday. To continually improve upon prior accomplishments without lowering your level of integrity. Being the best you can be, given the circumstances, at all times. Besides, no one can say you don’t make the effort. What matters is that your “being” coincides with the self you set out to be.

Incidentally, have you begun to design your future yet? What would be your ideal day to day existence? Will you activate it and make it real? Are you interested in a work from wherever you are kind of lifestyle – be it at home or on some shore? Check out what is happening to people like us because of Matt Lloyd’s business platform.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s no accident that you are here and reading these words. It is part of the grand, heavenly program designed especially for you. Please make a note of it and take care of your busyness. Focus on why you seek change and busy yourself with achieving it. Do yourself a favor and work “your gifts” in your favor. We will all benefit from that, one way or another. The lattice connected us for better, not for worse.

Every One of Us Make The Difference!

We are all worlds within ourselves. Sages in the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate Sanhedrin 37a) say whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

Brandi Snyder in a quote said, “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” How true! The effect we can have on others in our environment is immense. When possible, be the shining star in the constellation of other’s lives. Hey, have you heard this Jimmy Cliff song yet?

Also by the way, have you seen this awesome environmental impact video yet? It really shows why everyone must increase their contribution to making our world reality more positive by living according to the natural law of shared resources. Stay within the confines of proper consumption and allowing regeneration. How is it you are relating to our world? Given the latest atmospheric and geological events, it doesn’t appear that our global situation is good. Those of us who want to live in harmony and peace must walk the walk. Who’s the driving force of your decision making? If it’s you, then that’s a good start. You can live your values. Use your common sense and be your own leader … do your thinking for yourself. Play your part in “the family of life” as you best fit. The difference will benefit us all.

But even more-so, Maimonides said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

If I can make an impact on even one person that in effect causes him or her to live a life of happiness without worries and the feeling of over-working, I may have done enough. But to have an exponential effect … Well that’s simply marvelous! I imagine that would qualify me to be some sort of hero … not just a mere sand witch (bad play on words …). Nah seriously, if in the opinion of others I affect a change in such a way that someone learns to “take the reins on their horse”, so to say, and ride like a champion, wouldn’t that qualify? That’s one of the reasons why I promote Matt Lloyd’s 21 step internet business system. By far the most effective system for making high ticket commissions online in the world. It will dramatically help you to change and take care of preparing you to be a more successful “home” business person . . . with the tools proven to do what they do, best. What’s more, you will begin becoming a “freed” agent in the mix that makes our world. Set free to do your “thang” . . . an adventure of personal growth and development.

Put Your Best Face Forward

In any situation we find ourselves, there are a variety of influences upon us. This is why it is important to choose the right environments and the right mindsets to be in, as well as the right associates to encourage the right states of mind. Yet another important factor to consider is how we naturally respond to whatever we experience. How we deal with our moments in time is crucial to our success and well-being. JT DeBolt spoke about this. Champions are made by their ability to get tough when the going toughens. They keep the goal in sight and “weather the storms” should there be any in the way. Know what you’ve got to do and let nothing stop you. Sure, things may get in the way, but NOTHING should stop you. You yourself set your course. For a fact, you know you are moving in the right direction and it is very important that you reach your goal. You have to. Failure, if at all, teaches you that something needs to be rectified or something else needs to be done to get what must be. There is a way … There’s got to be a way! This must happen. You are making this happen … No matter what!

When you plan out your busyness from the viewpoint of it being a contribution to humanity, there are three things you must consider:

  1. Your vision
  2. Your plan of action
  3. That the purpose of your busyness is helping others to likewise enjoy life.

Just like the wealthy, living with more money, fulfillment and lots of free time is nice. If you want to be at the top of your game, you have to put your best face forward. Be a leader … Do what leaders do … Benefit from the results that leaders have.

Develop yourself however you see fit. Just do it! It’s yours for the taking. Then plug into a viable system that meets your expectations … and commit to the vision. Cultivate leadership in your sphere of influence and “plant seeds”. Spread the “light”! Make your face shine and have others “blinded” by your light, it’s so bright, that they want some of what you’ve been doing. Your best face is a powerful force that no one can deny! It’s the face we are meant to see anyway. Pardon my french, it’s raison d’etre! The reason we need to see you!! YOU!!! In our faces!!!! A blessing. Thank G-d you are among us! Keep up the good work.

Behavior Is Affected By Environment

Have you noticed how being in certain environments can evoke a wide range of different feelings – joy, freedom, relaxation or the opposites? Not only that but the people that share the environment with you impact it as well by providing it with a multiple “person-ality”. The sum of all the factors that make up the environment provides it with an “air” that against the backdrop of your natural psychological response to it determines how you will develop. You become your surroundings and it translates you! Your be-ing adapts itself in its unique way to the conditions as a testimony to fitness in the environment. Ideally . . . or not, you begin to fit in and take on what it means to live in that “neighborhood”. In light of these facts, choose wisely my friends. Choose your environments wisely. “Cop a gander”, take a look, at this documentary clip analyzing environment and human behavior. It captures the conflict between what appear to us as extraordinary versus that we see as ordinary. Worth the watch but I must advise that some parts may not be suitable for children. Keep that in mind when viewing.

We are in an age of boundless information. Along with our physical and social environments, our mental environment as well is bombarded all day every day with stimulation in many forms. The minds of man have generated umpteen technological treats that somehow now it seems difficult to be without them. “How did people live without this before?” Who lives without a smartphone in a pocket these days? What a great toy! A fill in the blanks of the day type thing. Unfortunately ruining the art of one on one full frontal facial conversation though. Too many people are so deep into their phone screens that they have just rare fleeting moments of real eye to eye contact. Long conversations at the family table or the living room have been replaced by family members individually going off into their own world within What’s app or a game.

For the purpose of future fulfillment, assuming the present isn’t living up to the ideal, it is important to associate with the types of people that support your desired reality. Choose your friends wisely . . . Pick winners. To be like those your admire and want to emulate requires that you associate and communicate as much as possible with this type of “being”. In order to be what and how you want to be, the more people like this that you draw into your circle of friendship, as those you associate with, the quicker you begin to behave and live the way you wished. You’ve got community support and the promise of auto-designed behavior. The environment will work more in your favor. You’ve upped the ante!

Want to make a connection with a community of legends? People who strove to create lives with better income in less time with more of both for leisure and are now no longer striving but living the “dream”? Start your online business education and link up with winners who are proving that the better lifestyle part of the dream can in time become your reality too. Do you want your identity to empower you to achieve great things? Create an environment for it and reap the benefits!

The Search for Meaning

… is not really a search as much as it is a fruition. As I go through my days and remember the past, I see now that they have been pathways to my being. How I handled my decisions at the moments they were placed before me became my direction. How our lives turn out is a direct response to how we choose to go about living it. The focus on finding oneself is actually a waste of time since we play the part that we script for ourselves. In other words, by making strides toward being that which you want to be, you begin acting that part. The time spent focusing on achieving excellence at it determines how well you become the player.

Meaning is defined by what it is intended to be! It is what you want to convey to others. There is no search for it. It’s what makes a person or thing significant. It’s defined by an observation. What do you mean to others who interact with you? How do you fit in? How is it you want to? What needs to be done if a change is in order? These are things that we can decide for ourselves before being labelled by someone else. The choices are in our behavior … our be-ing!

The great thing about us as humans is how diverse we are in being. There are so many types of us it’s almost ridiculous. But, the most fascinating aspect is that one way or another or more, there is a complementary symbiotic relationship to all that we do. Each of us contributing to a whole that is mankind on planet Earth. Should there be one to judge our progress, what would that mean to you as an individual? What part are you playing in the “game” and how well are you playing it? What are you doing to avoid being side-lined, or worse, taken out altogether?

When it comes to being at the top of your game, you’ve got to make sure you are properly rested, fueled and trained well to play. Without preparation, you can’t reach the top.

I highly recommend paying strict attention to your nutrition and making sure you keep your “vessel” in tip top shape. Sure there are certain things not in our control; but then again, we must take charge where we are response able.

For many, if not all of your health and beauty needs, I suggest you look through this store. The company was founded in 2002 and is a trusted name in the field of health and beauty and is a proud member of the Natural Products Association. It’s reassuring even more that they are dedicated to providing safe and effective products that help people adequately supplement their lives. It’s worth your time to consider giving them a look-see. Your money would be well spent too. No matter what you decide to do in the end, do be well!

Have You Ever Considered Why YOU are Here?

Despite all the time used up living, the fraction of time people spend contemplating their reason for being is minuscule compared to the time spent doing mundane activities. Stuff like studying for exams, eating, making money, chattering, gossiping, watching television, going out on the town and sleeping. Surely something of such fundamental importance as why you were created deserves much more attention than it gets!

Those of us who are set on evolving into much more than being one of the “sheeple” which blindly follow a crowd that doesn’t take stock of where it is heading, focus on what’s certain. There is a way you would like to live and a way you would prefer to live it. What is it about the life you lead that you know must be changed to be true to who you believe you are and how is it you need to behave in order to bring about the change that will get you there? What must you absolutely be doing now in order to coincide with becoming who you want to be?

Have you asked your self yet, why you are here in this reality? This reality of illusions! The reality that most do not imagine being somewhat in their control by virtue of their dis-intent . . . A reality created by a “rein-less” mind that allows it to be without clear direction. Being made in G-d’s image has its benefits for sure; but, you’ve got to know how to use the gift.

What draws your attention? What do you like to do? How can you make good money doing it? If there is something you would like to be, what is that? Can you see the possibility that within the next 10 years you could be exactly that? Are you ready to make that happen?

I am not really sure 100% why I am here and I suppose that no one can know to that degree. Yet, I am on to what motivates me. What hobbies I enjoy and which activities I want to keep doing. Translating them into money-making ventures magnifies the fun. When a big part of your regular life is what you enjoy most and it finds its way into what you do for work, you gain access into a world only the very fortunate experience. Couple that with your reason for being, whatever that may be, you’ll be living with happiness and fulfillment. No doubt a happy camper and anyone camping with you will be warmed by your bonfire!

So, here I am for the moment, writing this insightful piece to inspire others like me to “find themselves” and be fruitful and multiply. To be on this earth and conquer the inclination to be plain. Better to express the uniqueness of YOU and be prosperous in the process than to be “lost in the sauce” and earning minimum wage without any vibrancy of being. That’s what I strive to do for my self and it is why I am here for you. To lead by example and reveal some of what I have come to learn and am in the process of learning.

For instance, as I have mentioned in my earlier writing, I owe a lot of this blogging drive to my participating in a fantastic online marketing experience. This experience has opened my eyes to see that I was indeed in an bummer of a lifestyle “tunnel” – because now I perceive better light at its end and it’s brightening “the wall” for me to notice the writing. “Redeemed” so to speak from a life of senseless jobbing. What I do has a purpose . . . do it well. The pursuit of happiness is instead an acceptance of abundance and fruiting new achievement. While your “awakening” may be different, it’s good to be awake.

Have you heard about vortex creation? You’ve got to check this out! Fasten your seat belt!!

That Small Thin Voice of The Soul

Perhaps it can be considered that when we allow ourselves to be in touch with our souls, we step into a realm where our hectic lives disappear. Stopping momentarily to listen to our selves, gives us the opportunity to process the changes that we sense instinctively as those necessary for growth and fulfillment. When you take stock and take charge of where you are heading in life, you can then make sure you are heading in the right direction. The direction you most want to be in. Being is a present state. It is what you are at any given time. Who do you want to be? What does your inner voice tell you? Are you there yet? If not, what are you doing to be who you want to be how you want to be? If you have not yet, it’s time to start thinking about your goals in life.

The more time you give to listening to the inner voice of your soul, the more likely you are to hear the authentic messages you need to be paying attention to. It may take some time to get through all the irrelevant chatter, but if you write down all the things that are important for you to achieve, your subconscious mind will begin to steer you in the right direction. Straight to authentic and happy being.

I have to let you in though on one of my secrets. Well, maybe not so much of a secret, but something not generally considered nor thought about in most circles. The olfactory system, a fascinating, mysterious and complex component of our being related to scent, has a powerful influence on human emotions and the nervous system. Aromatherapy is the form of alternative medicine that uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils for the purpose of altering one’s mood, cognitive, psychological or physical well-being. I have been putting it to the test so to speak, playing around with different therapeutic plant oils. Based on their intended use, I apply these oils as drops on my undershirt (near the shoulders or in the chest area) and allow a sort of olfactory centered mental trance to take over for hours. The scent causes greater conscious focus on the purpose that the scent suggests as a result of its use, there is the subconscious induction that it works.

I must say, but I cannot prove it, that since I started “playing around” with these therapeutic scents, it appears I must be opening psychic channels to the physical fruition of needed events and occurrences! I don’t really know what made what to happen when, but I am finding myself listening to my small thin voice more attentively and hearing its whispers. Then I find out that I’m in fact being more the me I want to be being in the situations which I find myself. It’s really cool! Of course, It may have absolutely nothing to do with the oils at all … then again, there’s nothing wrong with a well-oiled machine!

If you have an interest in finding out for yourself, check out this new app. It reveals a lot and more of what you might want to know about therapeutic plant oils and their many healthful uses. Find out if they help you too! What does your small thin voice say?



… and good tidings!!

This is an exciting step for me as I embark on this new adventure. Welcome as I enter into a journey of the nature of my being. Here I will reveal glimpses of my life experience which I hope will inspire you to maximize your own beauty filled potential and activate your ultimate lifestyle. The “being” you want to be. It’s merely a matter of applying the right action. Doing things which create your ideal you. I’m activating mine.

First off, I want to thank The Almighty Holy One, Creator of The World, It be praised, for causing the events which lead to Alex Shelton providing me with a link to the magic of Matt Lloyd’s 21 Step business program. It “lit a wick” so to say and their involvement is part of what inspired me to express my self in a forum like this. Positive mental changes have begun and I am intending my way of life to be what I will it to be … that which gets me closer to my maximum potential (at least as far as I can understand what that could be). If you have no mentors in your life, find them ASAP! Good ones of course. What a difference they make by raising your bottom line. From there your level of abundance goes up drastically more easily. Even if it’s just a state of mind in the beginning, it’s worth the ride. For that only further stimulates the probability of its transformation to actuality. If you do not already know Matt Lloyd and are interested in dramatically increasing your financial well-being, do connect with him. His online business system is propelling its users into money-making “heaven”. I’m really glad I got to know about it as it is no doubt about to amazingly improve my weal. Want a free video showing you how? It’s here.

Which leads me to the reason why I started this blog. Being the self you want most to be, brings out immeasurable happiness and fulfillment. By listening to, and hearing, the small thin voice of the soul, one maintains contact with the ever-changing “calls to action” that are our reason for being. Those of us who set aside chunks of our time for considering our futures based on their pasts, use the intelligence of the present, invest in our personal lives to make wiser and more productive decisions. By taking charge of your life and strategically planning your direction, you will find yourself living authentically in the manner you desire … in happiness, abundance and fulfillment.

So be it!