The Disruption of Anger

I had to catch myself this morning as I found myself a bit late getting off to work. One of my daughters is complaining that no one woke her up at six o’clock per her request (which I cannot recall her asking me if she did) anh here it was half an hour later. She’s standing in one spot loathing over how little time she has to get her things done. I said to her that while the situation looked bleak, it behooves her to do as much as possible in the time remaining. She just stood there wallowing in misery. I told her that as long as she stands there doing nothing, nothing will fet done and if she’s wise, she’d better put “the pedal to the metal” and haul a__. She just raised her voice and said there was no chance she could finish her preparations in the amount of time left. She was right. She wasn’t doing anything but whining in place. I wanted to yell at her but then quickly realized, in time, that she became the proverbial horse that when lead to water, can’t be forced to drink if it doesn’t want to. I didn’t know what to do.

I felt a surge of anger. What the heck is going on here? Can you smack sense into the “blind”, ignorant and stubborn? Of course not! Being a parent, it’s become apparent that one finds need for a course in psychology to meet the challenge of it. Not everyone “catches” his or herself in time. There are many terrible stories abound with tales of lost control.

I gain my insight from Torah. It happens to be my choice for principle guidance. I have no intent to impinge on anyone elses sources for moral or spiritual guidance. That said, Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz brings from Gemara that the ways of The Torah become part of a Torah scholar’s personality; the more a person learns the Torah and delves into its great wisdom, the more it becomes part of him. I reckon this holds true for anyone who permeates his life to live with holiness and good teaching from words of “Iight”, wisdom and truth. A true scholar of genuine Divine wisdom should be a person who walks the talk, who lives it, who embodies it –  someone in whom the values of “The Way” are personified in their conduct, the way they interact with people, their integrity and their decency. Every part of their being should be an expression of such high values.

This is why when there is anger, the wisdom and “in”-spiration of the Torah leaves. If the person who makes a point of embodiying the teaching is not walking the talk, if they are not an expression of the depth of Torah values, then there is no place for Torah within such a person. Living the values of “The Way” day-to-day is a prerequisite to being a true “enlightened” scholar. Hence many passages in the Talmud discuss how decency is the foundation upon which G-d taught learning can be built – not just because it is the moral imperative, but because the Holiest of Teachings cannot remain in a person who does not actually live its way. It has to become part of who he or she is.

There is a famous letter written by Nachmanides, Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman, known as the Ramban, who lived some 700 years ago. He wrote a letter,  what could be called an ethical will, giving advice for life to his son; but his words are timeless. He began the letter with a verse from Proverbs, and the first sentence in his own words reads as follows: “Accustom yourself always to speak all of your words with gentleness, to all people and at all times.” This is the Ramban’s first instruction to his son and, by extension, to people who value good moral qualities. We must speak gently to all people at all times. He continues, “and through this, you will be saved from anger which is a very evil trait and causes people to sin. This is what Sages say: that “whoever becomes angry all kinds of hell rule over him.”

The fact that the Ramban chose to start his ethical will with these instructions shows us how dangerous anger really is, but at the same time also gives us practical advice on how to control it. He is saying, externally you must act in a way which is the opposite of anger and that will have an internal impact. What we portray to the outside influences who we are on the inside. If we speak gently and kindly, this will prevent anger.

Of course all this is easier said than done. But, if any of us are desiring in any way to emulate The Creator and “Be” in Its Likeness, it is imperative to consider these words and learn ways to do so.

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What Does It Mean To Be Perfect?

Who defines perfection? Who’s the judge? How does one come to the conclusion that a thing is complete and is finished? So good “the thing” is, that nothing of its kind could be better. That the “thing” has attained it’s true purpose!

Questions such as these are very tough to answer! There are many biases.

For one, it is written in the Torah that The Almighty appeared to Avram when he was ninety nine years old and said to him, “I Am G-d Abundant Who Blesses Mankind With All Manner Of Blessings; walk before Me and be perfect . . .” G-d commanded this before a special covenant between them be sealed (in exchange for G-d’s blessing that Avram be a father of a multitude of nations … countless numbers of mankind would be blessed because of him … and that his name would be changed to Avraham . . .) after he and every male among him be circumcised and that every male at the age of eight days old throughout his generations likewise enter the covenant by being circumcised.

That’s quite DEEP! The connection with removing the flesh of the foreskin in this case points to the notion that a male whose sexual organ bears the flesh of the foreskin intact, is less than complete . . . In fact, this “member” is better without the flesh of the foreskin and that this act of “perfecting” it makes possible the attainment of a much higher “level of being” in matters of sexual relations. THAT’S DEEP! He’s The One that made man and wo-man in the first place! Now we learn the job was to be finished by an act of man – to become complete, being imperfect from the beginning?

None of us can dare comprehend the mind of The “Holy Beyond Beyond”, nonetheless fathom the imagination that we can even know. But the command clearly stressed to Avram, his descendants and followers the requirement to “walk” and “be” perfect before The Lord. For sure this has far reaching implications regarding our need to live up to an ideal.

As far as where I am concerned, it’s unlikely that there is such a thing as a “perfect thing” done by the work of human beings. As it is, our natures and appetites are out of control by force of habit. Plus there’s always an improved “thingamajig” over a former one and “we’ve got to have it, no?” Even without planned obsolescence, the so called best laid plans may later to be found missing the newest tweaks.

Whatever, in life, we often need to simply work with what we have and gradually level up. There’s no benefit to remaining in analysis paralysis! There are times when you need to make a move quickly and be decisive. If you spend too much time thinking and analyzing too many options because you fear making a wrong choice, you could very well end up missing a perfect opportunity.

In this world, things may not be perfect ultimately, but there are some that ultimately lead to perfection. Choices have to be made and none need to be over-complicated. Without feeling the need to make the “perfect” decision one becomes more productive.

Time allotment for decisions should be based on their importance. If your objective is being met it should be a no-brainer. Even if your objective is only being moderately met, it’s still being met! Too many options requires you to eliminate all that are bad “right off the bat” and then to pick one and go with it without thinking twice. After all, the options you left standing were all considered the good ones – so go with the one you want to run with and “hit the ball out of the park”.

Make a commitment to whatever you decide on and make the best of it. After all, it’s progress that we’re after . . . Isn’t it?

Goal Setting

Some of us want to reach higher levels of being in our world. Not to remain the same old same that’s old. We want to be better and to feel better and to have more satisfaction from life and all that comprises it. But this doesn’t come about all by itself. Much of what is good in life has to be worked for. After all, with the “fall” of Adam, G-d said (more or less) to him that as a result he and his descendants: “… by the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat bread …” This has implications for pretty much anything that we want. Being “cast out” of “the Eden garden” this is where goal setting (and supplication for that matter) comes in.

Three specific behaviors have been proven to bring about effective goal getting:

  • Setting specific dates for each goal (Specific down to the day)
  • Whittling down the goal into a series of small steps and setting a specific deadline for each step (What’s the best way to eat an whale? One bite at a time … cutting it down into little edible pieces …)
  • Reviewing the defined stages regularly and measuring the progress. Where necessary make adjustments and take the next step and meet the deadline.

It’s good to carve out a few minutes each day to look at a step by step worksheet and be determined to not let its purpose drift to the wayside. Spend a few minutes figuring out EXACTLY what you really want to achieve and WHY. More importantly, work backwards from that point to see exactly how you can and WILL get your mark. Once you get a firm and clear goal in mind, then you can start to put a real plan together.

Several different routes can take you to your goal. Some will be easier to follow but will take much longer to shuttle you to where you want to be. Some may require more “energy” to be invested, but will get you to where you want to be much more quickly and be much more fulfilling to you in the end, which is what most of us want. Who wants to wait a long time to reach a destination?

While you’re at it you might as well think BIG! Truly wonderful successes happen in “quantum” leaps – not in tiny little increments. Like … Wow! We did it!

Begin with the end in mind. Start tracing from the endpoint and work backwards to envision a solid “plan of attack”. It is a MUST to achieve goals. Why set them in the first place? They are the “thing” that one has their vision on to achieve. Shift your mindset into a whole different gear. Realize that you can’t make that shift by behaving as you may have until now. You can’t reach your mark by simply working harder doing the same things you have been. Where have those actions gotten you to this day? Start to think in terms of leverage and find an existing system or different ways to be much more effective with less effort. If I’m not mistaken, Einstein said: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. What results do you want? Think sanely … and bigger.

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Put Your Best Face Forward

In any situation we find ourselves, there are a variety of influences upon us. This is why it is important to choose the right environments and the right mindsets to be in, as well as the right associates to encourage the right states of mind. Yet another important factor to consider is how we naturally respond to whatever we experience. How we deal with our moments in time is crucial to our success and well-being. JT DeBolt spoke about this. Champions are made by their ability to get tough when the going toughens. They keep the goal in sight and “weather the storms” should there be any in the way. Know what you’ve got to do and let nothing stop you. Sure, things may get in the way, but NOTHING should stop you. You yourself set your course. For a fact, you know you are moving in the right direction and it is very important that you reach your goal. You have to. Failure, if at all, teaches you that something needs to be rectified or something else needs to be done to get what must be. There is a way … There’s got to be a way! This must happen. You are making this happen … No matter what!

When you plan out your busyness from the viewpoint of it being a contribution to humanity, there are three things you must consider:

  1. Your vision
  2. Your plan of action
  3. That the purpose of your busyness is helping others to likewise enjoy life.

Just like the wealthy, living with more money, fulfillment and lots of free time is nice. If you want to be at the top of your game, you have to put your best face forward. Be a leader … Do what leaders do … Benefit from the results that leaders have.

Develop yourself however you see fit. Just do it! It’s yours for the taking. Then plug into a viable system that meets your expectations … and commit to the vision. Cultivate leadership in your sphere of influence and “plant seeds”. Spread the “light”! Make your face shine and have others “blinded” by your light, it’s so bright, that they want some of what you’ve been doing. Your best face is a powerful force that no one can deny! It’s the face we are meant to see anyway. Pardon my french, it’s raison d’etre! The reason we need to see you!! YOU!!! In our faces!!!! A blessing. Thank G-d you are among us! Keep up the good work.

Have You Ever Considered Why YOU are Here?

Despite all the time used up living, the fraction of time people spend contemplating their reason for being is minuscule compared to the time spent doing mundane activities. Stuff like studying for exams, eating, making money, chattering, gossiping, watching television, going out on the town and sleeping. Surely something of such fundamental importance as why you were created deserves much more attention than it gets!

Those of us who are set on evolving into much more than being one of the “sheeple” which blindly follow a crowd that doesn’t take stock of where it is heading, focus on what’s certain. There is a way you would like to live and a way you would prefer to live it. What is it about the life you lead that you know must be changed to be true to who you believe you are and how is it you need to behave in order to bring about the change that will get you there? What must you absolutely be doing now in order to coincide with becoming who you want to be?

Have you asked your self yet, why you are here in this reality? This reality of illusions! The reality that most do not imagine being somewhat in their control by virtue of their dis-intent . . . A reality created by a “rein-less” mind that allows it to be without clear direction. Being made in G-d’s image has its benefits for sure; but, you’ve got to know how to use the gift.

What draws your attention? What do you like to do? How can you make good money doing it? If there is something you would like to be, what is that? Can you see the possibility that within the next 10 years you could be exactly that? Are you ready to make that happen?

I am not really sure 100% why I am here and I suppose that no one can know to that degree. Yet, I am on to what motivates me. What hobbies I enjoy and which activities I want to keep doing. Translating them into money-making ventures magnifies the fun. When a big part of your regular life is what you enjoy most and it finds its way into what you do for work, you gain access into a world only the very fortunate experience. Couple that with your reason for being, whatever that may be, you’ll be living with happiness and fulfillment. No doubt a happy camper and anyone camping with you will be warmed by your bonfire!

So, here I am for the moment, writing this insightful piece to inspire others like me to “find themselves” and be fruitful and multiply. To be on this earth and conquer the inclination to be plain. Better to express the uniqueness of YOU and be prosperous in the process than to be “lost in the sauce” and earning minimum wage without any vibrancy of being. That’s what I strive to do for my self and it is why I am here for you. To lead by example and reveal some of what I have come to learn and am in the process of learning.

For instance, as I have mentioned in my earlier writing, I owe a lot of this blogging drive to my participating in a fantastic online marketing experience. This experience has opened my eyes to see that I was indeed in an bummer of a lifestyle “tunnel” – because now I perceive better light at its end and it’s brightening “the wall” for me to notice the writing. “Redeemed” so to speak from a life of senseless jobbing. What I do has a purpose . . . do it well. The pursuit of happiness is instead an acceptance of abundance and fruiting new achievement. While your “awakening” may be different, it’s good to be awake.

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… and good tidings!!

This is an exciting step for me as I embark on this new adventure. Welcome as I enter into a journey of the nature of my being. Here I will reveal glimpses of my life experience which I hope will inspire you to maximize your own beauty filled potential and activate your ultimate lifestyle. The “being” you want to be. It’s merely a matter of applying the right action. Doing things which create your ideal you. I’m activating mine.

First off, I want to thank The Almighty Holy One, Creator of The World, It be praised, for causing the events which lead to Alex Shelton providing me with a link to the magic of Matt Lloyd’s 21 Step business program. It “lit a wick” so to say and their involvement is part of what inspired me to express my self in a forum like this. Positive mental changes have begun and I am intending my way of life to be what I will it to be … that which gets me closer to my maximum potential (at least as far as I can understand what that could be). If you have no mentors in your life, find them ASAP! Good ones of course. What a difference they make by raising your bottom line. From there your level of abundance goes up drastically more easily. Even if it’s just a state of mind in the beginning, it’s worth the ride. For that only further stimulates the probability of its transformation to actuality. If you do not already know Matt Lloyd and are interested in dramatically increasing your financial well-being, do connect with him. His online business system is propelling its users into money-making “heaven”. I’m really glad I got to know about it as it is no doubt about to amazingly improve my weal. Want a free video showing you how? It’s here.

Which leads me to the reason why I started this blog. Being the self you want most to be, brings out immeasurable happiness and fulfillment. By listening to, and hearing, the small thin voice of the soul, one maintains contact with the ever-changing “calls to action” that are our reason for being. Those of us who set aside chunks of our time for considering our futures based on their pasts, use the intelligence of the present, invest in our personal lives to make wiser and more productive decisions. By taking charge of your life and strategically planning your direction, you will find yourself living authentically in the manner you desire … in happiness, abundance and fulfillment.

So be it!