Begin With The End In Mind

Best selling author Stephen Covey of “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People”, coined that phrase. Decide what you’re aiming for. Decide what you want to generate and progressively build your self to achieve that.

As for me, I want to generate more money per unit of time worked for it and have more free time to do the things I want being financially freed. A “want”, but not necessarily a “need”. But why not if this can be achieved by perseverance? To be liberated from the “rat race” and spend more quality time being a happy human. It’s tough having to be enslaved to a job and spend so much time doing things I’d rather not if I had the chance not to do them. I know I’m not alone. Who out there really loves their job and wish to keep doing that same thing every day for the measly amount of money got for doing it. Surely there must be a better way. There must be some folk out there who are getting really nice pay from their jobs, but if you read the CashFlow Quadrant, you must realize of course that the real money is to be made on the right side of the quadrant. Like that of business owners and investors who master their time and the business systems they use . . . What I am striving toward and beginning to develop . . . Financial liberation that legends live. To be a successful player in the internet marketing revolution, one must begin with the end in mind. I now have access to training that teaches how to profit from the exact same insanely profitable business model presently used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in an amazingly short period of time. Just like investing in a proven profitable franchise (a turn-key business ready to instantly run and start generating profits) only much better … and A LOT Less expensive! Plus, there is consistent training and help to ensure success. What’s more, I am becoming more the me I enjoy being. My end in mind that I will mine is to be more cash productive in much less time. Consider this yourself. What end would you mind?