What Does It Mean To Be Perfect?

Who defines perfection? Who’s the judge? How does one come to the conclusion that a thing is complete and is finished? So good “the thing” is, that nothing of its kind could be better. That the “thing” has attained it’s true purpose!

Questions such as these are very tough to answer! There are many biases.

For one, it is written in the Torah that The Almighty appeared to Avram when he was ninety nine years old and said to him, “I Am G-d Abundant Who Blesses Mankind With All Manner Of Blessings; walk before Me and be perfect . . .” G-d commanded this before a special covenant between them be sealed (in exchange for G-d’s blessing that Avram be a father of a multitude of nations … countless numbers of mankind would be blessed because of him … and that his name would be changed to Avraham . . .) after he and every male among him be circumcised and that every male at the age of eight days old throughout his generations likewise enter the covenant by being circumcised.

That’s quite DEEP! The connection with removing the flesh of the foreskin in this case points to the notion that a male whose sexual organ bears the flesh of the foreskin intact, is less than complete . . . In fact, this “member” is better without the flesh of the foreskin and that this act of “perfecting” it makes possible the attainment of a much higher “level of being” in matters of sexual relations. THAT’S DEEP! He’s The One that made man and wo-man in the first place! Now we learn the job was to be finished by an act of man – to become complete, being imperfect from the beginning?

None of us can dare comprehend the mind of The “Holy Beyond Beyond”, nonetheless fathom the imagination that we can even know. But the command clearly stressed to Avram, his descendants and followers the requirement to “walk” and “be” perfect before The Lord. For sure this has far reaching implications regarding our need to live up to an ideal.

As far as where I am concerned, it’s unlikely that there is such a thing as a “perfect thing” done by the work of human beings. As it is, our natures and appetites are out of control by force of habit. Plus there’s always an improved “thingamajig” over a former one and “we’ve got to have it, no?” Even without planned obsolescence, the so called best laid plans may later to be found missing the newest tweaks.

Whatever, in life, we often need to simply work with what we have and gradually level up. There’s no benefit to remaining in analysis paralysis! There are times when you need to make a move quickly and be decisive. If you spend too much time thinking and analyzing too many options because you fear making a wrong choice, you could very well end up missing a perfect opportunity.

In this world, things may not be perfect ultimately, but there are some that ultimately lead to perfection. Choices have to be made and none need to be over-complicated. Without feeling the need to make the “perfect” decision one becomes more productive.

Time allotment for decisions should be based on their importance. If your objective is being met it should be a no-brainer. Even if your objective is only being moderately met, it’s still being met! Too many options requires you to eliminate all that are bad “right off the bat” and then to pick one and go with it without thinking twice. After all, the options you left standing were all considered the good ones – so go with the one you want to run with and “hit the ball out of the park”.

Make a commitment to whatever you decide on and make the best of it. After all, it’s progress that we’re after . . . Isn’t it?