The Search for Meaning

… is not really a search as much as it is a fruition. As I go through my days and remember the past, I see now that they have been pathways to my being. How I handled my decisions at the moments they were placed before me became my direction. How our lives turn out is a direct response to how we choose to go about living it. The focus on finding oneself is actually a waste of time since we play the part that we script for ourselves. In other words, by making strides toward being that which you want to be, you begin acting that part. The time spent focusing on achieving excellence at it determines how well you become the player.

Meaning is defined by what it is intended to be! It is what you want to convey to others. There is no search for it. It’s what makes a person or thing significant. It’s defined by an observation. What do you mean to others who interact with you? How do you fit in? How is it you want to? What needs to be done if a change is in order? These are things that we can decide for ourselves before being labelled by someone else. The choices are in our behavior … our be-ing!

The great thing about us as humans is how diverse we are in being. There are so many types of us it’s almost ridiculous. But, the most fascinating aspect is that one way or another or more, there is a complementary symbiotic relationship to all that we do. Each of us contributing to a whole that is mankind on planet Earth. Should there be one to judge our progress, what would that mean to you as an individual? What part are you playing in the “game” and how well are you playing it? What are you doing to avoid being side-lined, or worse, taken out altogether?

When it comes to being at the top of your game, you’ve got to make sure you are properly rested, fueled and trained well to play. Without preparation, you can’t reach the top.

I highly recommend paying strict attention to your nutrition and making sure you keep your “vessel” in tip top shape. Sure there are certain things not in our control; but then again, we must take charge where we are response able.

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