What Makes Being Human An Art?

First of all, we all works of art. No? Descendants of the first man and woman created from clay that was inspired with the “life breath” of The Almighty Holy One. An occurrence so awesome it can drive you insane imagining the power of what that means for us as the latest representatives of that being! There’s a reason why we are . . . What’s the point?

General descriptions of art mention an idea of imaginative or technical skill stemming from human agency and creation. The nature of art and related concepts, such as creativity and interpretation, are explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics.

My reference in this blog is to the pursuit of perfecting the “gift” we’ve been given. How we translate into behavior what it means to live better . . . being human at its best where more of us benefit. Of course, this involves a whole multitude of aspects.

Humanity represents itself in many ways. Most of which will not ever be discussed in this forum. However, many aspects will be and it is incumbent upon those of us wanting to “be” better, to address those issues of utmost importance for us.

Besides the search for gratification, there is an awareness of the inevitability of death. Everyone at some point dies. There is no way out of this! It’s reality. But what becomes most important to keep in mind is that in the end, it is not the amount of years one lived but rather the amount of life one had in those years! Quality is what really counts here.

Given the ups and downs of the experience we know of as life, it takes real mastery to maintain a sense of balance and coordination throughout the trials and tribulations we all endure. It really helps to take an artistic approach to go through daily living with grace and respect . . . especially when the going gets rough. Imagination helps!

It’s nice to own personal knowledge in working systems that can be duplicated. If it isn’t broke, there isn’t anything to fix. But you’ve got to make it yours! Then you can use it at will whenever you need it. Own the rights, win the delights! In fact, this is the benefit of The Licensing Solution for making money . . . selling other peoples work.

There are many working systems of martial arts which provide their “players” with tools for self-defense. Trained automatic response perfected by practice gives its “owners” the ability to defend themselves when attacked  . . . a key to inner security and situational confidence.

When people meet you after you’ve been trained properly, they instinctively sense an uprightness in your stature. Calmness and surety pervade your being and you mirror and reflect back comfort to those who interact peacefully with you, yet act appropriately reflexive when relating to the need to deflect onslaught.

Those of you in my sphere of physical influence, for now folk living in Northern Israel, who want to radiate auras of confidence which reflect an ability to appropriately face confrontations in their lives will have Wing Chun as the system to make use for personal defense.

I learned the “traditional” version of wing chun as taught by Sigong William Cheuk Hing Cheung though Sifu Sonny Whitmore in Queens, New York. This is a unique Chinese form of self-defense, originally perfected by a woman, which instills a more formidable sense of being in a third of the time it took to master Shaolin or Sil Lum martial artistry.

Master Cheung happened to become Bruce Lee’s (Shiu Loong) best childhood friend after meeting him at Bruce’s nine year birthday party in Hong Kong. William Cheung was also nine years of age at the time.

Potentially, if you live near me, you will be well advantaged to partake of my lessons. You’ll train having wiser responses to your environment’s theoretically potential onslaughts and gain deeper personal insights for expressing your virtuous side of being.

As you become an intensified work of art, artistically designed by you – mindfully – you’ll be a vortex of power. It be with you as it is yours! Your “be”-ing is your art.